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How We Came to Be

Hello and welcome to Bonsai & Bear! We are a small team of like minded souls who found ourselves craving “what isn’t mass market,” what IS unique and one of a kind, beautiful and fun, but also wanting to make a real difference in the lives of others.
So we’ve allied Bonsai & Bear with members of the Fair Trade Federation to source and curate for you, our beloved customers, items that are made by hand, with love, and much time and effort. Through this alliance, we are able to bring you beautiful, unique gifts that are not found in the Big Box stores or anywhere else online, and at the same time, making a difference to help combat the world’s poverty by providing opportunity for “marginalized” communities where, before there were little to no opportunities.

Now through these alliances with the Fair Trade Federation, families can now enjoy a higher standard of living by being paid good prices for their unique talents in creating their exquisite artwork.
Each of the products we showcase are one of a kind, each has its own beautiful story. By supporting us, we are all joining forces to create sustainable businesses and better the lives of small, talented artisan groups in marginalized regions, sometimes living on just $1.00 per day.
Please take a few minutes to look through the stories of some of our artisans here. And beyond "doing good" for others, it is our heartfelt desire that you will find something that resonates, something that you find joyful and exquisite, something that enhances your joy, either for yourself, or for another.

Happy shopping!