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The 15 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fair Trade Fashion Inspiration

Fairtrade Instagram accounts inspiration

Awareness is spreading among people regarding Fairtrade and ethical fashion. With dozens of organizations, working to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable fashion and negatives of the fast fashion, people are making conscious choices.

If you’re looking for guidance and inspiration about Fairtrade Fashion, then keep scrolling because we’ve prepared a list of 15 Best Instagram accounts regarding Fairtrade Fashion.

1. World Fairtrade Organization: wfto_fairtrade

world fairtrade organization best instagram account

WFTO is the verifier of Fairtrade social enterprises around the globe. They’re active on Instagram, inspiring and motivating people to acquire the ways of ethical fashion.

They’ve gained over 45k followers with 1901 posts. They often post meaningful popular sayings of Fairtrade leaders like Edna Ruth Byler and stories of impoverished communities.

One of their recent posts describes the story of how Fairtrade started with the trip of Edna to Rico Puerto, where she saw the skilled female artisans and their fine crafts but without a market. It compelled her to buy from those financially poor but rich with skill ladies.

She brought the items and started selling them in the US. Thus, the Fairtrade movement began. It changed the life of several skilled but marginalized communities for the better.

Besides, WFTO actively engages the audience with posts regarding the climate crisis. They quote climate activists like Greta Thunberg for raising awareness about it.

WFTO motivates the audience to take the first step and don’t ever think that you’re weak and can’t make a difference. Because the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration head to their Instagram account and follow them for educating yourself and making a difference.

2. Traid:

traid best Fairtrade Instagram guidance

The second on our list is Traid. It’s a charity organization trying to reduce the negative effects of making, buying, and dumping clothes.

It’s associated with various sustainable clothing brands like Thought Clothing. Thought clothing itself follows a sustainable business model, making from organic and recycled fibers and then re-using. Their consumers send their old clothes to Traid stores for reuse. According to Maria; the CEO of Traid, we can reduce waste, carbon, and water by using clothes for a bit longer.

You can join Traid family here for inspiring posts and promoting green fashion.

3. Kathleen: Consciousnchic

consciousnchic fairtrade promoter influencer

Kathleen is the founder of Consciousnchic, working to bring a positive change in the life of women and their surroundings overall. Along with her therapeutic Instagram posts, she has a blog, makes tik-toks, and YouTube videos to educate her audience about Fairtrade fashion and sustainable styles in a fun way.

She provides valuable content on why to adopt Non-toxic Fairtrade beauty products and women empowerment. According to her, it’s not trash if you can reuse, refurbish, recycle, resell, donate, or upcycle it.

You can join her insta family for daily motivation and a dose of positivity here.

4. Bonsai and Bear:

Bonsai and Bear handicrafts brand fairtrade

Bonsai and bear is a well-known brand for Handicrafts. Their handcrafted items range from handcrafted toys for kids to hand-woven scarves and hand-carved jewelry for men and women.

It has maintained a strong social media presence along with an active website. Their website is the perfect place for people interested in learning about Fairtrade, handicrafts, shopping the best hand-crafted items, and how is it affecting the world positively.

Their voice is one of the leading voices promoting Fairtrade and Handicrafts around the globe. They encourage shopping handicrafts because every purchase makes a difference and you can help.

Further, You can magnify their voice and know more about Fairtrade fashion through their insta account, Pinterest, or website (where you can shop handicrafts from a wide range of items).

5. Fashion Revolution: fash_rev

fashion revolution fairtrade brand grren fashion

With 524k followers, it’s one of the biggest Ethical Fashion Instagram accounts and a Non-profit organization. The organization struggles for a fashion industry that’ll value people and the planet over profit.

Through their platform, they try to help impoverished communities and fashion workers. They share and give voice to people who sew our clothes even in these uncertain hard times.

According to Fashion Revolution, Covid-19 has exposed the exploitative nature of the current fashion structure. It quotes worker rights consortium that over 37,000 fashion workers across 31 facilities were denied wages of 5 months’ worth. Moreover, 210 factories around the world have been reported to have not paid over 160,000 workers since the Covid-19 outbreak.

That’s why they’re promoting Fairtrade Fashion and urging the audience to support this cause. Because the pandemic hasn’t yet ended for fashion workers and they still continue to suffer.

Join their insta family to participate in the efforts for green fashion.

6. Know the Origin: @knowtheorigin

fairtrade green fashion brand know the origin

We see the surge in demand for Fairtrade fashion but the reality is still quite different. The various groups and organizations aren’t even a drop in the vast ocean of fashion but as the saying goes “something is better than nothing.

Know the origin is a clothing brand following Fairtrade principles. They update their audience and consumers about the materials used in their products and how they process everything to produce sustainable fashion items like t-shirts, yoga accessories, and tons of other eco-friendly products.

The tragic but incredible story behind “Know The Origin”:

Charlotte, the founder of the brand was studying fashion at London college when a textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed, resulting in the deaths of 1,100 workers including men, women, and children. The incident made headlines throughout the world. Charlotte was forced by her conscience to inquire about this devastating incident.

She traveled to many countries asking questions about the processes involved in producing mass, cheap fashion. The stories of impoverished cotton pickers and global buyers exposed her to a horrible reality. The fashion industry, of which she was going to be a part, appeared vicious and merciless. They were making money at the heavy cost of human lives and our ecosystem.

These stories demotivated her to be a part of the fashion industry but made her realize that there’s a need for radical changes and massive improvements. So, she started from scratch in association with Indian organic cotton providers and manufacturers. All of it was done step by step and everything was transparent from seed to sewn garments resulting in Know the Origin.

Today, Know the Origin is associated with over 200 brands producing in ethical and socially responsible ways to protect our environment and the natural ecosystem.

Join their insta family to keep yourself updated on their new reliable and Fairtrade fashion. The account regularly shares inspirational stories regarding slow, timeless fashion with its audience.

7. Fashion Roundtable:

sustainable clothing brand fashion roundtable

Every green fashion lover struggles to find inspiration to get motivated and encouraged. Sometimes reading about the stories and contributions of the people working to mainstream Fairtrade feels great. Fashion Roundtable is one such account on Instagram, that’s leading the way for positive activism and fashion simultaneously.

They not only advocate Fairtrade fashion through their Instagram account but have a website, YouTube channel, and a strong presence on every social media site.

Moreover, the founder and CEO of Fashion Roundtable Tamara Cincik hosts a monthly podcast discussing the emergence, development, and future of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

You can join their social space here and get enlighten with the diverse range of positive possibilities they’re discussing.

8. Sustainable fashion collective:

green fashion promoter sustainable fashion collective

Sustainable fashion collective provides expert advice for people wanting to step into fashion and add their creativity. We’ve picked this account because they share stories to inspire and motivate green fashion lovers and Fairtrade advocates.

Moreover, they’re educating their audience through posts providing valuable information about a wide range of topics like types of silk, rearing silkworms to obtain fiber, regenerative textiles, and eco-designing. Further, they offer ethically produced silk on their store offset_warehouse.

Their recent post describes the story of Chul Thai Silk. When their tangerine crops were diseased 90 years ago and silk import started. Chul Thai silk set out to improve the livelihood of the locals and started a training center teaching farmers how to grow mulberry plantations and rear their own silkworms.

Today, they have transitioned to organic production and have over 4,000 farmers. They’re ethically and organically producing silk, promoting Fairtrade and paving the way for others. Their ways of production are consistent with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) proving their authenticity and positive impacts.

You can magnify their efforts for Green planet by joining their insta family here.

9. Ethical Brand Directory:

ethical fashion instagram account ethical fashion directory

If you’re a conscious consumer who thinks before buying something or adopting a fashion, then this account is perfect to educate yourself. If you want to learn about Fairtrade, green fashion, the importance of transparency, greenwashing, why fast fashion is harmful and how can you help reduce its negative impacts, then Ethical Brand Directory should be your go-to Instagram account.

Presently, it’s hard to find out which brands are eco-friendly and which are only pretending to be eco-friendly. That’s why EBD has collected beautiful designs from sustainable brands under one roof to save your precious time and making a mistake by trusting the wrong name. You can go to their brand boutique, and shop all you want that’s organic, having a positive impact, and free from exploitation and harm.

10.  Thread and Sprout: Justice McNeil

knitting clothing brand thread and sprout

Justice is the founder of Thread and sprout. She knit clothes at her own pace regardless of what modern and fast fashion require. Sometimes she takes half a year to knit one piece and still, she’s satisfied with her work.

Providing quality work on order, knitting from organic eco-friendly materials with ethical and socially responsible ways are her core values. To meet the demand of conscious consumers, she also produces a readymade collection on monthly basis along with made-on-order pieces.

Her work is slow but timeless. She produces less but lasts longer. That’s what ethical fashion is all about, to have a little less, to consume a little less, and to reduce the production of waste.

Join her insta family to encourage her and shop from her store to avail quality clothes and help the artist.

11. The Margo Market: MARGO

the margo market fairtrade market

This account’s one of the best Instagram accounts when it comes to empowering local artisans and boosting local shopping. Margo market is associated with artisans weaving apparel following Fairtrade principles. Its store offers locally knitted but stylish sustainable pieces like jackets, jumpsuits, jeans, sweaters, and bags, etc.

How MARGO came into being?

Sometimes we see people with outstanding talents unaware of how to scale up their businesses. We think they’ll go a long way with proper direction and guidance. That’s what the founder of The Margo Market thought. It all started with the idea of uplifting small independent artists and designers. To create such a space and environment for them where their art is valued properly.

Through their journey, the brand uncovered stories and formed relations with talented artists. In their recent post on Instagram, they stated that they’re proud of every single designer they’re associated with and every item listed in their store. Because all the products are helping a greater cause and contribute to the effort to save our environment and essentially the humanity.

If you want to make a positive impact and contribute, join their insta family and shop local.

12. Elegance By Rashmi:

elegance by rashmi best fairtrade instagram accounts

Elegance by Rashmi is a clothing brand crafting traditional Indian clothes like dupatta, kurta, and sarees by hand. Their handcrafted pieces are extremely detailed with top-notch stitching and fabric quality. Moreover, they bring unique and exquisite designs crafted by various skilled artisans.

They’re promoting Fairtrade and inspiring consumers to buy clothes that are not only stylish and comfortable but also impact our planet positively. They follow an eco-friendly and sustainable model to create these unique and timeless designs.

If you want to add some colors to your collection, visit their insta profile and select a beautiful piece, to begin with.

13. Sonica Sarna: Fairtrade Fashion

sonica sarna zero waste fairtrade handicrafts

Sonica is an advocate of Fairtrade, women empowerment, ethical and circular design, and preserving indigenous culture. While fast fashion is wasting thousands of gallons of water on one piece, Sonica talks about zero waste designs, making luxurious pieces from waste, and sustainable fashion.

What’s so special about Sonia Sarna's design?

Along with their other productions, the factory is making luxurious modern clothes from factory wastes. According to the statement, they have started recycling and making clothes from pieces of wasted clothes in the factory warehouse. They’ve been successful and those clothes are now available in their stores.

Moreover, under the projectthrive they’re training and empowering women from the New Delhi slums. The wasted cloth pieces are hand-cut and sewn by those women.

Besides, Sonica is trying to preserve the indigenous art called Jamdani. Jamdani or flower pot was the clothing made for the royals of the Mughal dynasty. Today, only 400 weavers remain who are Jam-dani experts. That’s why we need to support them to preserve their lineage.

Their projects are truly outstanding and transforming lives. You can join their Instagram page for updates and inspiration. You can further find out about their various projects here.

14. Labour Behind The Label:

labour behind labels fairtrade instagram account

Today, the world trusts labels and names instead of quality and moral values. When we see Nike, Zara, or Denim, etc. we say hell yeah! Because we don’t need anything else. Just thinking selfishly about ourselves. We don’t care about questions like who made it? how was it made? or from what was it made? We just need fast, cheap fashion.

That’s why Labour Behind the Label is making efforts to raise awareness about forced and unfair labor. They’re raising voices against Nike and other such brands, exposing how they forced workers to work for extended hours during the pandemic.

Other than Nike, they have pointed out Primark and H&M with various other brands saying that these are exploiting workers and not even paying living wages to them.

They share authentic firsthand stories from the workers to expose the double standards of the famous Labels and show the labor behind the fast, cheap fashion.

You can add to their voice by supporting them on Insta or find out more about their various initiatives here.

15. The Unmaterial Girl:
unmaterial girl fairtrade enthusiast instagram

Leah, the Unmaterial Girl is a social media influencer with over 18,000 Instagram followers. She buys second-hand clothes and challenges herself to refashion old clothes to something that she wants to buy. She’s super motivating and full of inspiration. Her Instagram account should be your go-to account if you love green and ethical, sustainable fashion.

How did a Fast-Fashion Addict turn to promote Slow-Fashion?

A trip to Brazil became an eye-opener for her. She watched The True Cost, a documentary on how the fashion industry impacts people associated with it, its workers in particular.

It changed her views about the fashion industry and wanted to do something different, something better. After her trip ended and she returned home, Leah sold most of her wardrobe. Whenever she wanted to buy clothes, she would think first and ask herself, “Do I need to buy this product?”. She started refashioning old clothes and did her best to maximize her positive impact.

She promotes ethical and sustainable brands on her Instagram account and states that she’ll never promote something which is against her core values.

You can support her on Insta or visit her website to know more about her views and efforts.

So, this was our list of 15 best Instagram accounts to follow for Fairtrade Fashion inspiration. We dug deep and tried to bring forward the best and underrated accounts for you to follow and gain some inspiration. Now it’s on you to give your 100% and safeguard your environment and surrounding.