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The 10 Best Hand Painted Candles Online Today

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The essentials of the modern house have changed. The must-have items are updated. Yet, the unique, colorful, hand-painted candles aren’t out of fashion. Still, they’re interesting and spark conversation at the dining table. 

Many people consider them futile, harmful for the health, and a burden on the environment while having modern lighting and heating mechanisms in place. But this argument doesn’t stand now because skilled artisans from various corners of the world are working hard with passion to handcraft candles through socially and ethically responsible ways. They are committed to the Fairtrade principles and respect such values.

Moreover, Candles that are useful and made with natural wicks, which can be used for decorative purposes or sent as a gift to special friends, are liked by everyone.

Besides, most of these hand-painted candles online are produced in third-world countries like South Africa, remote Brazil, or India, and Pakistan. Marginalized groups of artisans craft them with utmost attention and detail without leaving any room for mistakes. Buying these hand-painted candles not only illuminate your house but also light up many stoves around the globe.

Why are they better?

Yes, a lot of ready-made candles are sold online for decorations and gifting purposes. In addition, they are available in a large variety and different sizes. But hand-painted candles are different and better in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages hand-crafted candles have over mass-produced candles.

  • They’re Sustainable:

Sustainability is one of the biggest upsides of handcrafted and hand-painted candles. They’re made to beat the industrial perception that mega-industry is the way forward. You can opt for unscented or personalized scented, high-quality candles. Some manufacturers import Paraffin wax from Germany to use in the production process.

  • Personalization:

Personalization is very important if you’re gifting something to a special person. But it’s difficult to personalize something that is manufactured in an industry designed to mass-produce only. On the other hand, you can easily place an order for customized and personalized candles if they’re being crafted and painted by hand on your request.

  • Better communication:

You may never get a chance to talk to the CEO of, for example, Armani or tell him to make the product a certain way that you like. But you can easily communicate your thoughts and requirements to someone who is making a product solely for you. Better communication, better results.

  • Interesting unique designs:

Since most of the artists handcraft and hand paint the candles independently, they can try new and unique designs that a huge industry can’t risk. Therefore, hand-painted candles come in low quantities but large varieties.

  • Socially responsible:

As independent artists associate with Fairtrade organizations, they start following their principles and values. Their artists receive fair wages and worth for their artworks. Furthermore, it’s ensured that their working environment is healthy and promotes creativity.

Candles | Fair Trade Candles | Artisan Candles
  • Ethically responsible:

Ethically responsible ways of production are utilized by these skilled artisans. They avoid using toxic dyes and low-quality waxes or wicks. High-quality waxes and non-toxic dyes are used to paint the candles and then draw attractive unique designs on them.

  • Supporting unprivileged women:

Women have a sharp eye for colors and designs. They’re considered better and they have proven to be better at it time and again. Mostly, artists who craft and paint these candles are women from backward and undeveloped parts of the world. They not only provide these sustainable candles for us but also try to ensure a better future for their families.

To save you some time and effort, we’ve prepared a list of The Best 10 hand Painted Candles available Online Today.

1. Set Of Three Boxed Hand-Painted INDAEUKO Design Candles By NOBUNTO:

If you want a beautiful decorative piece, that can be put to use when needed, then this pack of 3 charming hand-painted candles is perfect for you.

These are unique because only adept artists can make and paint them. Otherwise, they are extremely hard to replicate. That’s why most of them are unique with one slight difference or the whole design is new.

This particular design is one of the most popular designs of hand-painted candles. They’re unscented (if you’re allergic), well processed and high-quality paraffin wax is used in its creation process that’s imported from Germany.

Moreover, only non-toxic dyes and natural wicks are used to follow the Fairtrade principles and have an overall positive impact.

  • Burn time and melting point:

Its average burn time is 8 to 10 hours while the high melting point is between 58°C to 60°C.

  • Size and Price:

The candles’ height is 2.75 inches while measures 1.75 inches in diameter. You can purchase this set of 3 candles gift-packaged for $25.95.

  • The Hands Behind This Artwork: NOBUNTO

The adept artists with skilled hands, who make these colorful candles, work in Nobunto. It is a South African company practicing Fairtrade in the region. Nobunto is one the most popular South African company for handicrafts including handcrafted and hand-painted candles, ceramics, and greeting cards.

They’ve experienced artists for crafting exceptional candles and other products which are then sold to international buyers online. With the revenue, they aim to eradicate poverty, raise awareness and connect these remote regions with the rest of the world.

Moreover, they’ve given a name to every design (candle) which is essentially an African word. They try to convey their message and culture through their art as well as their words. For example, Nobunto is a word from the Sotho language which means “for the people”. Furthermore, their logo displays four intertwined hands which stand for motivation, brotherhood, teamwork, and Fairtrade.

So far, they’ve stood by their company’s name and logo and provide work for dozens of women in the region. With our support, these numbers can grow substantially.

2. Reusable Ceramic Candles - The Marbella Collection | Prosperity Candle:

These magnificent hand-painted candles will remind you of Spanish interior decorations. They’re marvelous in every way. If you need perfect candles for any ceremony or a special dinner, you can always rely on them. They’re not specified to just one ceremony or dinner because they have a tremendous burn time of 65 hours!

These are large while their holders – glass or ceramics, can be recycled and utilized for multiple purposes. You can transform the holder into an appealing planter or a glass container for your small jewelry items. They’re simply exquisite.

Here’s their guide to recycling the holder.

Moreover, their texture is rich and mostly comes in neutral graceful colors which add to the beauty of your interior design.

  • Size and Price:

Their ceramic vessels are 3.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches high. You can purchase these, best hand-painted, candles online today for $30 per candle that can burn for long 65 hours.

  • Interesting details:

They are delivered in a gift box that has a story card containing information and the story of the woman artist who created and painted the candle you receive. It’s interesting and feels great to read the story and conditions behind the skilled hands of these artisans.

3. Sunflower Pillar:

These exquisite candles with sunflower designs are made from beeswax in Rwanda. They make a perfect gift and a delightful decorative piece. Cotton wicks are used to ensure they last longer. Its approximate burn time is 15 to 18 hours.

They’re entirely handcrafted and hand-painted by local expert artisan families. It can illuminate your room with calmness and peaceful feelings or a dinner table with romance.

  • Size and Price:

These splendidly designed candles are 4 inches in size and you can purchase them for $16 each.

Like other candles in this list, these are also made by unprivileged artists from Rwanda. The company Azizi life has welfare projects operating in the region which are funded through revenue from the candles they sell online. We can support them by promoting and buying these pretty candles.

4. Tall Hand-Painted Candles – Akono design:

This fine hand-poured and artistically hand-painted pair of tall candles are produced by Nobunto company. Its design is unique and enticing. You can use it to ignite a peaceful light in your bedroom or spark a lovely conversation at the dinner table. They also make a neat decorative piece.

Moreover, the company is known for using high-quality paraffin wax, natural wicks, and non-toxic dyes. They’re 100% safe for your health and home.

You can avail this pair of pleasing candles for $14.95.

Furthermore, you can pay in interest-free 4 installments if your order is worth $50 or above.

    Handcrafted products are all about sustainability and utilizing waste materials without impacting the world and environment negatively. These attractive candles are made from the pods of Brazil nut trees which are native to the Amazon rain forest.

    After harvesting and selling the Brazilian nuts, the waste product – Pods, are utilized by talented artisans and transformed into these useful candles. They use high-quality paraffin wax, palm, oil, and fragrances (you can order unscented if you’re allergic to scents). When combined, the final product – handcrafted candles, is presented in international markets for selling.

    Their trade is certified by Fairtrade and the money is used to help artisans and people to learn such crafts and sustain their livelihood. Through this, they are exposed to new experiences and international markets and learn a lot of things to utilize for a better future.

    You can purchase it for just $12 here.

      Want some vibrant bright colors to add to your decor? Well, these multi-colored candles might just be the right addition. These are vibrant and bright, made and painted artistically with attention to detail. In addition, they come in different sizes and shapes from pillar to cube and votive to taper which can burn up to 1 hour for every inch diameter.

      High-quality paraffin wax and natural cotton wicks are used in its creation process. Moreover, they are smokeless, unscented, painted with non-toxic dyes, and dripless.

      • Size and Price:

      They’re available in different sizes and various packs from 2 inches to 9 inches with prices from $11 to $27.

        14 February is an important day for most of us. On this day everyone wants to do something special, something unique that their partner will love. These valentine’s-themed themed candles can add up to your every special gift, decor, or activity that your partner will adore.

        Yet, their use is not just limited to 14 February. You can express your respect, care, and love for your partner every day through these satisfying love-themed candles.

        • Wax and wicks:

        They are made from high-quality paraffin wax while natural cotton wicks are used for consistent and long burn time.

        • Size and Price:

        You can order these while the Taper 2-pack 9 inches candles are still in stock. These hand-painted best candles will cost you just $12.

        Candle | Artisan Candle | Candle Decor

          These Frost-painted candles are truly a work of art and a gift for decoration lovers. This is one of the most popular types of candles among art lovers. The Frost paint design is achieved by pouring the candles at a lower than usual temperature.

          • Shapes:

          Kapula offers a wide range of shapes including dinner and pillar candles, cube, rectangular, egg, votive, and pyramid-shaped candles, etc.

          • Designs:

          Along with these distinct shapes, Kapula has numerous spectacular designs to offer to its clients.

          It includes African ladies, African sunsets, Color on color, multi-colored ethnic, Earth tones, blue and green simplicity, and many more splendid designs. You can check them out here.

          In addition, they also create custom designs according to client’s needs. Their prices and sizes can be set when you email and enquire.

          9. Bahati: Luck

            Bahati is an African word for Luck or success. Their art reflects their culture and values and so do their names. Bahati design – green in color with green flowers and designs on it, reflects the core purpose of hand-painted candles and Fairtrade. To preserve nature and move forward with more sustainable ways that are equally beneficial for everyone.

            If you’re someone who cares for nature and tries to do his part, then supporting and promoting these artists should be on your agenda. Because they are trying their best to save and preserve what they can and we should help them with what we can.

            • Why Bahati candles:

            Their candles are tested and qualified by DEKRA in Germany. They use high-quality wicks and paraffin wax. Moreover, their colors are free from any mutagenic, reproductive, and carcinogenic toxins. They have uploaded their clearance certificate on their website.

            They offer a large variety of hand-painted candles with different sizes, burn times, and designs that you can check out in detail here.

            10. Cube Candle:

            If you’re looking for a decorative piece to place on your shelf or study table, then these Bubble Cube Candles might be the perfect choice for you. Their simple but adorable design is just exquisite!

            Moreover, when they burn and melt over time, new designs and shapes will appear from within. With one candle you might enjoy two or three different designs.

            In addition, they’re prepared from natural soy wax and 100% natural cotton wicks. These fascinating pieces of artwork are available in three different colors and scents. You can choose Vanilla, Cinnamon, or ocean breeze scent, the choice is yours.

            • Size and Price:

            They’re 2.16 inches high, 2.36 inches long, and 2.36 inches wide.

            You can purchase these incredible handicrafts for just USD 12.85.

            Buying these candles isn’t just adding to your interior’s beauty but it’s also a step forward to a sustainable way of production and preservation of nature. Besides, you’re taking an active part in giving the recognition and value these marginalized artists deserve.

            Feel Good and Have a Great Day!