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Show Your Love With Hand Crafted Gifts This Valentine’s Day

handmade gift love valentine's day

As Valentine’s Day comes closer, people start to ponder on questions like what will she prefer? A bracelet, necklace, rose, or… chocolates? Many guide you on how to win her heart this Valentine’s Day and make her feel special. The ways and things suggested range from low-cost gifts to expensive surprises. And all of them sound like reasonable nice gifts. But we advise something different, something that won’t end up in the dustbin the next day. We recommend showing your love with hand-crafted gifts this Valentine’s Day.

You may ask why hand-crafted gifts when there are tons of ready-made lovely items available, both low cost and expensive? Well, you just said “tons of ready-made”, meaning that everyone can buy those gifts. Thus, they aren’t that special and will end up in the garbage.

So, you need a gift that’s unique, special, one of a kind, meaningful, and possesses sentimental value. You won’t find these qualities in a mass-produced, ready-made product because these are the qualities of handcrafted gifts, they’re

  • Unique:

When you look for gifts on Valentine’s Day, you look for things that are new, rare, or exotic. Handcrafted items are said to be unique because they’re made manually by hands, so every product has slight variations and no two are exact copies. That’s why you should show your love through such unique gifts.

  • Special:

In most hand-crafted gifts, you have the option to personalize gifts according to your desires. If you need the name of your loved one carved on it or a special personal note to be included that’s not only possible but feasible. Thus, you can have a special gift for a special person to gift on this Valentine’s Day.

  • Meaningful:

No one wants their gifts to sit in the dust bin the very next day. That’s why people try to purchase meaningful gifts. That expresses their love for the receiver and the value they hold. Such gifts are hard to find but most skilled artists instill their story and their handcrafted products carry a meaningful message and story. Therefore, they’re your best choice for gifting this Valentine.

  • Sentimental Value:

It refers to products that connect with the receiver on an emotional level. If you send your loved ones gifts with sentimental value, they’re more likely to stay with them for longer. In handcrafted gifts and products, the sentimental value is added by the artist through his story or the personal note that’s attached with an exceptional gift they prepare.

Along with the above-stated qualities, there are multiple other reasons to support handcrafted products and show your love through them instead of mass-produced items. Some reasons include:

  • Green Living Movement:

After frequent warnings from scientists and environmental authorities, everyone’s exploring ways to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. Green living and save the planet movements are gaining momentum around the globe.

One of the biggest polluters in the world is the mega industrial sector. They’re working and making everyone’s life easier but at a huge environmental cost. Their energy consumption is high and produces a lot of solid and fluid wastes. In contrast, if we switch to handcrafted products, the function of these industries will drastically reduce and improve the environment.

  • Human Rights:

It’s general knowledge that these big factories and industries underpay their workers and force them to work over the legal work hours per week. They’re exploited because they don’t have any other option. Consumers prefer mass-produced items because they’re available easily and cost less. But they’re unaware that someone somewhere is paying the price.

In contrast, communities that produce handcrafted products have a softer attitude toward workers. They don’t do just business but struggle to preserve their ancestral traditions. Moreover, to preserve their traditional ways, they not only craft with socially responsible ways but also manage the entire community maintaining an ethical code.

  • Gender equality:

In fields where heavy physical work is required, women are paid less even today. However, in producing handicrafts, women outperformed men. Women were naturally more efficient in making intricate designs and carvings, resulting in eliminating gender discrimination. According to WFTO, women make 54% of their workforce while holding leading managerial positions.

  • Child labor:

Underpaying workers and giving no incentives lead to child labor. Without financial security, the worker’s children go to work instead of schools. In case of parents’ illness or accident, they have to provide for themselves, their family, and their parents’ treatment.

In the case of handicrafts, children can learn how to make handicrafts but they aren’t forced to work and leave schools. Moreover, with different organizations working for the welfare of the artists, now they receive decent value on their efforts and crafts.

Therefore, we encourage consumers to take part in the efforts to provide those skilled artists with a decent lifestyle and eliminate child labor.

We have created a list so that you can easily decide which gifts to gift to show your love with handcrafted gifts this valentine’s day.


handcrafted soapstone heart valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is the day of pleasing and winning hearts. If you wish to win the heart of your lady, then check out this amazing gift carved from soapstone. It’s handcrafted, presenting the sculpture of two lovers in a heart’s shape. It’s made of stone and can stand the test of time, meaning it’ll be there to remind you of your love for years to come. Thus, making the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Size: The gift is 8 inches tall.

Price: You can buy this one-of-a-kind gift for your valentine for $35.95.

The Story Behind your Valentine Gifts:

This outstanding sculpture is carved by artists from rural Tabaka, Kenya. The group of artists goes by the name of SMOLArt.

The cooperative was established in 1990 and then became a member of WFTO. They operate under the Fairtrade principles and pay fair wages to their workers. Moreover, they’re working to improve the overall conditions in the community, help build schools, and health institutions, etc.

How are your gifts processed?

The area of Kiisi, Kenya has soapstone in abundance. It’s mined from the great pits and delivered to the skilled people who carve them for the wholesale market. After carving, the rough edges are smoothened by the talented artisans with sandpaper dipped in water. The piece is polished and turned to a high gloss or bright African motifs are painted on it with etched accents.

The process from cleaving to carving the stones is manual and handmade. Instead of heavy machinery and extravagant energy consumption, simple tools like screwdrivers, hand drills, switchblades, and other such sharp and vital tools are used to work in the mines. That increases its eco-sustainability and appeals to people who want to participate in the green living movement.

2. Heart Shape LED panel: Customized Gift

heart LED panel handmade gifts

Fading memories of someone is a thing of the past. Today, you can effortlessly capture every valuable or special moment with your loved ones through a smartphone. If you have a collection of such unforgettable memories and want to treasure and secure them, then don’t miss this Heart shape LED panel encircling your memorable photos.

The ordering process is easy. You just have to select a small, medium, or large panel and send your precious pictures at

It’s made of wood by hand. The artists beautifully design and illuminate it in a heart shape to prepare it for a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Moreover, they try their best to print your pictures with your sweetheart in high quality. So, don’t hesitate to communicate with the seller and get your best deal. They’re open to any creative suggestion and can prepare highly personalized gifts.

  • Size:

It comes in 4 sizes. For table use, you can select the small one which requires 5 pictures and your names can be included. It measures 7 inches by 6.3 inches.

The medium one requires 23 pictures and is suitable for wall décor. It measures 12.6 inches by 11 inches. The large size includes the same number of photos as medium but has a bit larger size.

The last option you can pick is extra-large. You can instruct to put 43 pictures which is good for wall décor. It measures 26 inches by 23 inches.

  • Price:

The price depends on your selected choice. It ranges from USD 43.78 to USD 214.45.

3.    DANCING GIRL RED HEART PIN: Creative Alternatives

red heart pin handmade gift

If you don’t want your gift to be too serious and need some giggles during your meeting, then this dancing girl red heart pin guarantees just that. The girl is adorable itself but the round glasses and tight braids add the “cool dude” vibe which might appear hilarious.

The best part’s that it’s crafted from recycled, painted tin and copper wire, accented with traditional beads of various colors. It’s mounted on a 2 inches wide safety pin that can be attached to a hat, bag, or lapel, etc.

  • Artists behind the Art: Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives is associated with impoverished Kenyan producers. They come up with unique and sustainable ideas for the designs and proudly develop and market them through Creative Alternatives.

Self-employed young and middle-aged men and women work in cooperation to produce these spectacular pieces. After failing to secure a formal job, they had to join the jua kali sector, literally meaning “Hot sun” in the Swahili language. Some of them work in groups, some individually while others engage in the family business of handicrafts.

  • Price:

This handcrafted Valentine’s Day gift will cost you just $9.95.

4. Angel Wings Necklace:

handcrafted personalized necklace valentine's day

A straight fact is that women love jewelry. If you plan to win her heart this Valentine’s Day then check out this minimalistic Angel Wings Necklace. It allows you to put your sweetheart’s name or initials along with any lovely symbol you’d like between the Angelic wings.

The angel wings necklace is made of 925 sterling silver available in colors including gold, rose gold, and silver. The gemstone Zircon is placed on both wings to beautify this stunning art piece. It’s completely handmade and you can request any kind of personalization.

  • Size:

It’s available in sizes ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches. You can select any according to your needs. All of them are shipped in stylish jewelry boxes.

  • Price: 40% OFF!

With 40% off, you can purchase it for USD 22.80. But the price of this bestseller gift differs for different sizes.


This Etsy shop has over 800 reviews while maintaining a 5-star rating. Multiple buyers have given it 5-star reviews in the past week. Moreover, 20 people have this particular gift in their basket.

5. Silver Corazon White Heart Pendant With Chain: By Artisana

white pendant chain handcrafted gift valentine day

Looking for an elegant and simple yet special valentine's gift that wins hearts? Well, we’ve got your back. This White Heart or Silver Corazon is handcrafted from alpaca silver in high quality. Natural shells are used to instill a beautiful shimmer in this pure Heart. This might be just the gift you’re looking for.

This gift is handcrafted by skilled artisans with utmost attention and detail. There might be slight differences which make them one of a kind and special.

  • Size:

The chain’s adjustable and measures about 14 to 16 inches.

  • Price:

This authentic well-made chain with a white shimmering heart will cost you $45.95.

Who makes these stunning Handicrafts?

Mexico is known for its rich history, high-quality silver art, and works of authentic sterling or alpaca silver.

Artisana collection is associated with adept artists from Taxco, Mexico. It offers handicrafts ranging from traditional to modern designs crafted from natural materials like abalone shells, mother of pearls, flowers, and other reusable materials.

6. Hammered Heart Ring: Valentine Gift

heart ring valentines day gift love

Looking for ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day? Well, this beautiful dainty Heart ring might be the perfect choice for you. It’s crafted from 14k gold fill metal and is perfect to gift to your special one this February. This is not only a showpiece but also useful wear for women along with other such adorable rings.

It’s made from materials including gold, metal, and sterling silver, etc. Other ingredients of this beautiful ring are passion, love, and mastery of the artist who crafted it by hand.

  • Size:

The ring is available in sizes from 3 US to 9 US.

  • Price:

You can show your love through this handcrafted gift just for USD 34.00

NADIRAH B: The Artist Behind The Art

Nadira B is the founder and owner of Aquarian Thoughts which was started back in 2000. She lives in Newark NJ and craft amazing pieces by hand.

Nadirah says that she loves what she does and enjoys being creative. Her inspiration comes from music, mood, symbols, and other surrounding phenomena and she converts it to something tangible for herself and people to enjoy.

Moreover, she considers herself lucky to be supporting her family by doing her favorite activities i.e., creating handicrafts.

7. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart: Valentine’s Day Gift

valentines day handcrafted chocolate love

If you’ve got a chocoholic this valentine’s day, then you must be searching for a chocolate gift because that’s exactly what cheers her up. This is a thick slab of milk Belgian chocolate that you can personalize and give your special one a tasty treat. You can convey a personalized message of up to 30 characters through this valentine’s day gift along with a handwritten customized card (30-40 characters).

  • Price:

You can avail this tasty treat for your partner at £12.95 or USD 17.85.

This was our list of gifts for you to show your love with handcrafted gifts this valentine’s day. We hope that you’ll like a couple of them and consider gifting these special gifts instead of mass-produced common gifts.

Apart from their uniqueness and meaningfulness, they’ve far-reaching social and environmental benefits.

Happy Shopping!