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9 Hand Crafted Bracelets That Completely Transform Your Outfit

beautiful handcrafted bracelets for women

Handcrafted jewelry has been around for several thousands of years now. The earliest records of jewelry date back to 115,000 years ago. More sophisticated pieces were crafted by Egyptians about 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. Similarly, the use of bracelets for adornment and ritual started about the same time period and early records have been found in ancient Mesopotamia and China.

Bracelets were made of grass, tree limbs, and shells. They transitioned to copper and bronze later. In the beginning, it was a royal thing. The royals of the Egyptian dynasty would wear gold and silver bracelets and sometimes their jewelry was buried with them.

In China, around 2000 B.C, people valued gold bracelets and carved various designed possessing monetary, spiritual, or religious value. Similarly, gold bangles were in fashion in India.

In the 20th century, with the industrial revolution and mass-production of every item including jewelry and bracelets, people gained access to a variety of designs. They were affordable too. With various innovations and developments in the 21st century, silver is the most dominant material for bangles, cuffs, and bracelets. Because it’s less expensive and has the charm and sparkle that gold possesses.

However, consumers are becoming conscious of their choices. They’re adapting to a greener lifestyle as the Fairtrade and green living movement gain momentum. That’s why bracelet lovers prefer handcrafted bracelets over mass-produced jewelry and decoration items.

Today, consumers like to own handcrafted bracelets that are prepared by skilled artists with precision, convey a beautiful message, and completely transform their outfits.

Advantages of Hand-crafted Bracelets:

You must’ve felt the charm of handcrafted products but you can’t describe it. No one can say what is it and from where that attraction comes, yet everyone knows it. It feels authentic, it looks authentic. It makes you feel special and provide a feeling of connection, unlike mass-produced items.

  • Handcrafted Bracelets are meaningful:

When you want to own or gift something, you essentially want to convey a message and meaning. Now, mass-produced products don’t have that message or meaning because you’re not the only one possessing or gifting it.

In contrast, Handcrafted bracelets and other items possess that message because they’re made by a human who instills his/her skill as well as emotions and subjective feelings in the bracelet they’re crafting. That makes it special and meaningful.

  • Handcrafted Bracelets are timeless:

Skilled artisans from around the globe spend a significant amount of time crafting a timeless bracelet. Their job isn’t easy but their passion makes it endeavoring. Every piece is carved and crafted with hard work and patience with minute precision.

These bracelets are made with such a meaningful message, inspiration, and quality that many generations can relate to and like them. Thus, it can be worn by many generations.

  • Eco-Friendly Bracelets:

Everyone’s aware of the devastating effects of mass-production and mega industries on the environment. The amount of energy they waste and the number of workers they exploit are huge. Industrial wastes pollute land, water, and air alike.

In contrast, the creation process of handcrafted bracelets is slow. Often, raw materials are utilized to prepare them. No energy consumption or huge amounts of wastes. Most craftsmen recycle and reuse the waste material. Thus, they’re eco-friendly and exactly what we need at this stage of pollution and unbalanced environmental conditions.

  • High-quality materials:

Every hand-crafted bracelet present in this list is made from high-quality materials. The jewelry artists are highly skilled and know what they should use in a particular piece. They make it to give a perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

So, order with confidence and receive exceptional quality products.

  • Friendly customer service:

One of the most useful plus points of handcrafted products is that you can communicate with the person making your bracelet. Unlike mass production, they’re easily available and you can communicate your thoughts to the artist. They take your custom order and craft a bracelet according to your imaginative sketch.

However, good artists are hard to find, that’s why we’ve prepared a list of 9 high-quality handcrafted bracelets that completely transform your outfit.

1. Beaded multi-colored 4 strand Bracelet: Zakali Creation

multi colored handcrafted bracelet

If you want to wear a bright colorful and meaningful bracelet, then this beaded multi-colored bracelet with 4 strands is the perfect choice for you. It’s a beautiful decorative piece having the ability to transform your outfit. It goes just perfect with every kind of outfit due to its diverse colors and beautiful design.

Besides, it’s not just a fashion piece but a sign of supporting impoverished Kenyan artisans. This particular piece is designed and crafted by a cooperative of 15 young male and female talent. Through these handcrafted bracelets, they’re now able to earn a decent income and live a better life out of the Nairobi slums.

With a lot of beads and 4 strands, this bracelet is 8 inches in length. You can order it for yourself or a friend for $15.95. The payment can be made in 4 interest-free installments for orders between $50 and $3000 with shop pay.

2. Sterling Silver Blue Topaz and Garnet Pendant Bracelet:

sterling silver handmade bracelet

The artist calls it “Crashing waves”. She has captured a powerful sea in the design of this fantastic handcrafted bracelet. The sterling silver chain with a wheat design creates a band leading to an exquisite focal pendant. At the center, it has two carats of sparkling blue topaz and garnet as it connects with the crashing ocean waves.

  • Size: It’s 7.75 inches in length and 0.5 inches wide.
  • Price: You can order this beautiful piece for $77.99 with free gift-wrapping or order a premium gift wrap.
The superwoman behind this bracelet: Diah Arini

Diah Arini belongs to Bali, Indonesia. She’s an educated lady from an educated family but couldn’t pursue any career after marriage. It’s the way of life for women in Bali to live under the instructions of their husbands and care for children.

How Diah started crafting Bracelets by hand?

However, she learned to design and craft silver jewelry from her husband and his parents. In 2012, Diah decided to design and create her own jewelry collection along with caring for her family. At first, she sold them locally but then another fellow silversmith introduced her to Novica; a great online market for handicrafts.

How are her crafts better than mass-produced items?

She’s crafting it by hand, with less energy consumption. Her items are high quality and detailed due to special attention from the skilled artist. Moreover, she has provided jobs to several people, who are helping her in crafting these bracelets.

So, when you’re opting for her products, you’re not only availing an amazing bracelet but providing opportunities for many skilled artists to go far in life.

3. Green Onyx Tennis Bracelet: “Romantic Green”

green onyx Indian handmade bracelet

Every group has a person with a taste for handicrafts. If you’re one such person or your friend likes handicrafts, then this simple but aesthetically pleasing bracelet is a must-have. The design has 11 green onyx gems linked through sterling silver. The artist calls it “Romantic green” due to its pleasing and lovely nature-inspired design.

This is an easy-going design compatible with every kind of outfit including day or evening events and parties.

  • Size: Its minimum length is 7.25 inches and its max length’s 7.75 inches with a width of 0.2 inches.
  • Price: You can order this handcrafted special bracelet for $39.99.
Bhavesh: the hands behind the craft

Bhavesh comes from a family of craftsmen residing in Jaipur, India. The tradition and art have been handed down from their ancestors crafting in the ancient kingdom of Jaipur. He observed numerous designs during his childhood because his father was a craftsman. It was easy for him to pick the craft from there and eventually start his own workshop.

Today, 5 artisans assist Bhavesh in making detailed and precious handcrafted bracelets. Moreover, his work was exhibited in Paris in 2003 and 2004, receiving an overwhelming response.

He’s a job creator and caretaker of children, a source to uplift others. We should help by buying their unique and authentic handicrafts.

4. Custom Name Bracelet:

custom name handcrafted beautiful bracelet

Everyone likes to own personalized items. It naturally feels great to have something with your name or initials printed or carved on it. This custom-name bracelet provides just that. It’s made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver.

Moreover, it’s handmade and available in three colors including silver, rose gold, and gold. You can select your preferred color and size of the bracelet from the menu and let them know about the name, letters, or symbols you want. Further, you can tell them about the size of the letters and place your order.

Their customer support is amazing and your handcrafted bracelet will arrive within a week.

  • Size: It’s available in sizes from 5 inches to 10 inches long.
  • Price: This bestseller custom name bracelet can be ordered for $16.50.

5. Rose Quartz Jade mala:

rose quartz bracelet handcrafted fairtrade

If you’re into simple and elegant designs, then this aesthetic handcrafted bracelet made from Rose Quartz and jade might be perfect for you. The design is clean with faded green and light pink natural gemstone beads.

It compliments every outfit and has a nice touch. Suitable for personal use as well as gifting a special friend. The gemstones are said to have healing properties and every order comes with a meaning card, adding an interesting perspective.

Moreover, they send them in eco-friendly packaging and a nice wrap paper. You can also include a personal message with a few extra dollars.

  • Size: Available in sizes from 5.5 inches to 8 inches. It’s a fixed circumference, so measure your wrist before ordering the bracelet.
  • Price: This handcrafted bracelet is an Etsy bestseller and buyers are loving it. It costs USD 22.80 with free shipping in the US and Canada.

6. Handmade Genuine Leather Bracelet:

genuine leather handcrafted bracelet

If you’re a fan of genuine leather products, then this handcrafted comfortable braided bracelet is for you. It’s made of genuine leather having a magnetic clasp for easy on and off. Moreover, it’s unisex and can be gifted to men as well as women.

It’s for casual use and goes with all kinds of outfits. They add to your elegant look and feel good when touched.

Moreover, you can choose from the 8 styles presented in the picture above.

  • Size: Sizes available from 7.5 inches (small wrist) to 9 inches (large wrist). If you want to fit it tightly then you should add 0.5 to your wrist size and 1 inch for a loose bracelet.
  • Price: This bestseller bracelet is available at $19.99.

7. Tree Of Life:

tree of life fairtrade handmade bracelet for women

Tree of life is a beaded charm bracelet with stunning Turquoise Jasper and aesthetically pleasing colors. The bracelet is beautifully crafted by hand, connecting colorful beads through a string braid. It has an adjustable tie and is said to have various healing properties. Many people believe that it attracts positive energy and personal development.

Moreover, the tree of life represents the rise and upward growth like the branches of trees spread and reach heights.

The bracelet’s length is 7 inches and can be ordered for USD 17.20. Buyers are loving the product and the shop has maintained a 5-star rating with over 2,800 sales.

8. Emerald Gold Bead Bracelet:

If you like birthstone bracelets, you must check out this Emerald gold bead green bracelet. Made with natural emerald by a skilled artisan with passion and great attention to detail.

The bracelet will go with your every outfit due to its elegant green color. You can wear it daily, in routine work as well as on special occasions and events.

Moreover, the India-based artist has maintained a 4.5-star rating over the years with over 4,000 sales. So, you can be sure that the product’s satisfying customers.

  • Size: Available in sizes from 5 to 9 inches with different prices. You can order it in silver or gold finish.
  • Price: This fantastic handcrafted bracelet is currently on sale and you can avail it for USD 39.00. After the sale ends, it’ll cost you $130.

9. Handcrafted baby Elephant brass bracelet: Asha Handicrafts

cute elephant design bracelet for women handmade

If you like adorable and minimalist designs, then must check out this cute baby elephant brass bracelet. It can surely light up your empty arm with its metaphysical properties and attractive design made of brass.

This aesthetic look is given to it by impoverished but skillful Indian artists now associated with Asha Handicrafts. The organization is working to uplift marginalized skilled communities in various Indian villages by helping them reach international markets. Where they can receive the appreciation and value they deserve.

  • Size: It measures approximately 7.75 inches in length while the Elephant pendant measures 1.125 inches.
  • Price: You can order this unique bracelet at a reasonable price of $21.95.
Handcrafted Bracelets are not just about price and quality:

Handcrafted Bracelets and other products not only transform your outfit but also the lives of its makers. “Your every purchase matter” isn’t just a political slogan but a ground reality. When you make a purchase, it positively affects everyone in the supply chain. It also encourages others to pursue careers in green fashion instead of running towards mega industries.

Therefore, you can help transform not only the lives of many but also restore the health of the planet Earth.

We’ve prepared this list after thoroughly looking into the online marketplaces. These are the best of Handcrafted bracelets that completely transform your outfit.