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8 Wonderful Handcrafted items for Your Pets

wonderful handcrafted items for pets | fair trade blankets for pets | Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Today, pets are not only adored, but have become the focus of big business. It hasn't escaped the corporate giants that pet owners love and spoil their precious pets. And while this trend has been with us for some time now, it wasn’t always like this.

The practice of domesticating animals goes back a long way. Some say it started 10,000 years ago, while others claim it began even earlier than that.

Previously, it was generally accepted that the Egyptians domesticated cats 3600 years ago. But a recent discovery suggests that Middle Eastern people were domesticating cats 9500 years ago, long before the Egyptians.

Yet, their reason for domesticating animals was quite different. They had many uses for them. Guarding livestock, hunting, or protection, to name a few.

But the present-day story is entirely different. People adopt their pets to care for them, to pamper them in as many ways as they can. Most people consider them family. 

Pets are pampered so much that now we’ve pet-friendly hotels. Many of them provide a PET WELCOME package and additional services like massage etc. Many books are available on all things pet related, from how to choose the best food, how to groom your pet at home, and how to travel successfully with your furry friend.

We, too, are obsessed with our pets and with our focus on all things fair trade and crafted by hand, we’ve created a list of 8 wonderful handcrafted items for your pets.

Why have we selected Handcrafted pet items only?

We’ve selected handcrafted pet items because, unlike mass-produced items, they don’t consume an enormous amount of energy during production.

Thousands of gallons of water aren’t wasted over a few dozen items. Not to mention that we love the idea that millions of workers and farmers aren’t exploited daily to produce them.

In contrast, these handcrafted items for your pets are made in socially responsible ways under the principles of Fair Trade. Most of these items utilize raw materials or use renewable sources in the production process.

Skilled, independent artists and sometimes small communities work together with passion and determination to craft these wonderful items for your pets.

So let's get into it! Here are 8 wonderful Hand-crafted items for your pets. 

1. Chunky Cat Bed:

chunky handcrafted cat bed

Your first concern when you think about bringing home a new pet is where will it sleep or relax?

If you think your cat deserves a special place to feel safe and cozy (and we know you do), then we’ve got something wonderful for you!

This cloud-like, cute handmade bed is perfect for your kitty and while soft, it's also sturdy enough to hold its shape and give support to your beloved kitty.

They’re made from natural wool harvested from wool farms and then woven with chunky yarn.

This cat bed is made from natural materials and is not only comfortable and safe, but it adds that extra layer of feeling "wrapped" that cats crave.

There’s no exploitation or negative impacts on the environment during its production, and it's made with great focus and attention by artists with many years of experience.

  • Size:

It’s available in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. Small’s diameter is 18 inches (46 cm), medium 22 inches (56 cm), and large 26 inches (66 cm).

  • Color:

This adorable cat bed comes in over a dozen colors including black, chilly, and wine. See the sample colors on their shop and select your favorite.

  • Price: 40% off

This cozy adorable cat bed is currently priced at USD $95.81, on sale.

When the sale ends, the cost goes up to USD $159.60 so act now if you know you'd like to have it:)

This Etsy store offers a large selection of pet beds so check them out here.

  • ·What’s special about it?

There aren’t a lot of products that are crafted solely for you. Guess what? You can custom order this beautiful pet bed. Contact the seller and let them know your preferred color and if you need a special size that's not offered on the listing.

  • Why purchase this?

Millions of people are looking after their pets but still, many such animals live in shelter houses. To help those animals, 10% of all the revenue from this hand-crafted item will be donated to a local shelter house.

So, you won’t be just buying a comfortable bed for your kitty, but also contributing to animals still awaiting their "forever homes."

  • Reviews:

The shop has over a thousand reviews while maintaining 4.5 stars rating. The buyers are really liking the product.

2. Adorable Pet Cave:

wonderful cat cave handmade items

If you’re in search of a cat cave rather than a wrapped type bed, then look no further. This amazing hand-crafted pet cave will be your cat’s next favorite place.

Cat caves become a favorite of many kitties due to the capacity they offer to hide a bit more within the cave, as well as to hang out closer to the edge to keep an eye on what's happening.

Your cat will be happy, safe, and warm inside this delightful handmade cave.

We love these because they’re made using solely natural materials. No machinery or electricity is used. That’s why they’re eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Size:

This cat cave comes in 4 sizes. The small one is 14.5 inches (37 cm) long, 14.3 inches (36 cm) wide, and 7.2 inches (18 cm) high.

The medium and small don’t have much difference.

The large cat cave is 17 inches long (45 cm), 15.2 inches wide (38 cm), and 8 inches high (20 cm). While the extra-large is 19,18,9 inches long, wide, and high respectively.

  • Color:

This captivating cat cave is available in numerous colors and designs. You can select a black one with red border, white with grey dots, or green, etc. All of them are equally attractive and comforting.

  • Price:

Its prices vary with size, or course. The small handcrafted cat cave currently runs USD $85.32 while the extra-large costs USD $109.70.

  • What’s more?

Like the Chunky cat bed above, you can place an order for a custom cat cave with your preferred size and color. Moreover, these cat caves include free delivery.

Mila is a passionate and skilled Italian artist who loves to make art. She says she enjoys the process of making unique handicrafts, the feel of natural materials, their looks, and playing with them.

We also appreciate that her artwork is organic and doesn’t impact the environment negatively.

With over 3000 followers on Etsy, Mila is inspiring many women through her hard work and determination.

Her work’s truly commendable because she’s utilizing only natural materials converting them to charming cat caves.

3. Colorful Adjustable Dog Collar:

adjustable colorful handmade dog collar

Searching for a super cool collar for your dog? This is collar is colorful and completely secure.

It has dark and aqua blue tie-dye swirls reminiscent of the 1960's! These stylish dog collars are hand crafted by adept artists having many years of experience.

They’re made from polyester with great attention, passion, and love. The artists see to it that the elegant collars are safe and secure for your little companion. Further, the collars have a quick buckle to easily put them on or take them off.

  • Size:

It has 3 sizes. The small ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches of adjustable size. The medium ranges from 15 inches to 22 inches while the large is 20 inches to 30 inches long. All of them are 1 inch wide.

  • Price:

You can order this fashionable collar for your joyful companion for USD $15.00.

Mechelle is one of the many skilled artists producing unique and eco-friendly handicrafts. She doesn’t consume a tremendous amount of energy to produce these products. Mostly, these handicrafts are prepared from natural materials and traditional ways to avoid harming the environment.

4. Reversible – Critters Bandana:

two in one bandana handcrafted pet item

Is this doggy bandana not adorable? This reversible 2 in 1 bandana serves to expand your pup's "wardrobe" with two, distinct patterns.

One layer features a fun insect design while the other’s a traditional, colorful striped pattern.

These doggy bandanas are handmade using 100% cotton. 

  • Size:

Length: length across the top

Height: Length from tip to tip 

These fashionable doggy bandanas come in 6 sizes. The smallest is 6 inches long and 5 inches high.

The Medium is 13 inches long and 8 inches high while the largest is 16 inches in length and 11 inches in height.

  • Color:

The front layer is white with printed designs of different insects which is just perfect for a pup. While the back layer is colorful in a traditional way. The best part is you’ll get both designs in one bandana.

  • Price:

You can avail these cute handcrafted bandanas for your pet pup for USD $25.99 excluding shipping charges.

· Meet Mechelle La Rocca: A skillful woman

Mechelle started sewing before the age of 8. Her mother had a sewing machine on which she would sew clothes and different costumes.

Upon insistence, her mother bought her a child’s sewing machine and Mechelle started to practice. Since then, she hasn’t stopped. At first, she’d sew doll’s clothes and accessories, but after taking proper lessons she started to make clothing items for herself and nearby people.

Soon, she began to teach crafts and owned a baby line at Sanger-Harris (which then merged with Foley’s in 1987).

· How did she start crafting Wonderful Pet Items?

It was quite accidental. After the loss of her mother and beloved dog, Dream, Mechelle’s life felt empty. She brought an active Blue Merle Australian shepherd home and named her Violet.

Violet started training at a dog training facility where they taught about good nutrition and mental stimulation etc.

The mental stimulation lessons intrigued Mechelle so she hand crafted a "snuffle mat" for Violet to increase her brain activity.

Fellow classmates started asking about it so Mechelle started selling to them. That’s how it all started and now Mechelle offers handcrafted bandanas, dog collars, snuffle balls, and a lot more such products.

You can join her Facebook family here.

5. Wonderful handmade Snuffle Mat:

handcrafted snuffle mat Fairtrade items

Want to improve your pet’s mental stimulation and overall activity? This sunflower-shaped snuffle mat may be just the thing!

What is a snuffle mat you may be asking? It's just a cute name for a dog toy that has hidden food treats and requires your pup to "snuffle" through it and retrieve the goodies. It's considered a stimulation toy to both entertain your pet and to keep her sharp.

This mate not only increases your dog's brain activity, but it also complements your home décor with its cute sunflower design and bright colors.

These snuffle dog mats are made by hand of top-quality fabrics with determination, passion, and patience making them safe for your pet and for the  environment.

They’re perfect for keeping your pup busy and entertained. The design is relaxing and happy.

A snuffle mat is great for releasing built up energy and anxiety. An added plus is that the bottom of this mat is anti-slip and holds tight. 

  • Size:

Its size is 14.96 x 1.57 inches, which is good for most size dogs.

  • Color and design:

With the Sunflower design, its color’s yellow and chocolate brown.

  • Price:

Currently, it’s on sale and you can order it for USD $11.24 instead of USD $12.49.

  • Benefits:

Your money isn’t going into the coffers of a large conglomerate, but to an independent, skillful artist who makes special, one-of-a-kind products with love.

Additionally, you’re getting a fun and beautiful sniffing mat for your beloved pup that improves his mental stimulation while at the same time, joyfully "unearthing" those scrumptious snacks you've carefully hidden inside.

These mats are environmentally friendly and don’t have no negative impacts or huge energy consumption.

  • Downsides:

The one downside of this shop is that they only accept payments through PayPal. Many people have PayPal, but many don't and will thus be unable to pick up one of these adorable doggy snuffle mats.

6. Standard Handmade Dog Leash:

Fairtrade handmade dog leashes

Every dog deserves good treatment, a wonderful life, and plenty of playtime. Part of that wonderful life for both your pup and for you as her human, is to include something like these handmade, comfortable feeling, and durable dog leashes.

These leashes are extremely durable, odor-free, and waterproof. It’s a leather alternative which means it's durable as well as sustainable.

  • Size:

These leashed are available from 4ft (48 inches) to 6ft (72 inches).

  • Color:

They’re available in a wide range of colors including sky blue, wine, black, and pink, etc.

  • Price:

You can avail these stylish and durable leashes for your beloved pup for just $24.95.

7. Dog waste holder bag:

handcrafted leather dog waste holder

After the government said take care of your pet’s waste or get fined, everyone needs a Dog waste holder bag. With a surge in its demand, many people started making such products. Some are mass-produced, while others are made at home.

If you need a high-quality handcrafted leather waste pouch then check out this cute design. It’s handcrafted with genuine leather and easy to use. It can be attached to your dog’s leash, collar, or your jeans.

  • Personalization:

You can personalize it for your pup or gift it to a special friend for her/his little companion. The gold color nameplate is quite stylish and adds any info needed for its return.

  • Size:

The length of this handcrafted leather waste holder pouch is 4 inches while its width is 2 inches with the same height measurement.

  • Color:

They’re available in 5 colors including mint green, brown, and beige, etc.

  • Price:

Currently, these amazing waste holder pouches are on sale for USD $14.99 while normally it’ll costing USD $21.41.

  • Gift wrapping:

You also have the option of gift wrapping. If you’re gifting it to someone, they’ll directly deliver it to them with an additional personal note. Don’t worry about the price details because they don’t attach them when you select the gifting option.

8. Handcrafted Snuffle Ball: Dog Toy

handmade snuffle ball Fairtrade items

If you want your pet dog to be intelligent and vigilant, then this handcrafted high-quality colorful Snuffle ball is the perfect solution.

You’ll hide your dog’s favorite food or treats in one of the many pockets of this snuffle ball and then let the dog find it for himself.

This is not only a fun activity for your pet dog but also a healthy mental exercise. It increases his brain activity along with improving his skills to find and navigate using only smell.

To maintain the high quality of this product and the health of your dog, these balls are made of non-toxic, durable felt cloth. It feels great when touched, dogs like to play with it for hours.

As the food is hidden deep, the dog struggles to find it with his smelling ability. It improves his navigation skills and slows down the eating process protecting the stomach from an overload of food.

Toys, like this snuffle ball, make feeding interesting. They keep dogs busy, relieve anxiety, and develop a more happy and positive behavior. 

  • Size:

These efficient snuffle balls are available in 4 sizes. This one is a personalized large-sized ball. It’s 9 inches across while the smallest ball is 4 inches across.

  • Color:

There are 3 different sets of colors with each set consisting of 4 colors. The total 12 colors available are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, light blue/teal, pink, galaxy blue, and pastel tie-dye.

  • Price:

You can order this useful handcrafted high-quality snuffle ball for USD $18.00.

This brings us, then, to the end of our list of 8 wonderful handcrafted items for your pets. This list is by no means exhaustive. It's only to get you to start thinking of consciously selecting items that are environmentally friendly while at the same time, benefiting individual artisans who are making beautiful items by hand.

So happy shopping. We hope you'll start to incorporate some of these unique ideas and/or concepts in general, and delight both yourself and your pup!