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7 Hand Crafted Scarves that Make the Perfect Gift for Her

woman wearing handmade handcrafted colorful scarf

Handcrafted scarves are in fashion. Today, scarves are considered one of the most versatile gifts for either that special woman in your life.

It doesn’t matter her age, women tend to love that one, perfect accessory to finish of her look.

And why wouldn't they? All over the world skilled artisans are working on producing wonderful scarves by hand.

These scarves are handwoven, and hand-dyed by skilled artisans in different parts of the world including India, Thailand, and Pakistan.

They are not just a piece of fabric but a lively story of its creator. The soft, skin-friendly feel that the scarf gives, and the beautiful designs imprinted accurately on them tell us about their patience and hard work.

They are made with passion, skill, and extreme attention. Their daily bread depends on these handicrafts.

Consider buying Fairtrade Scarves:

We can call it an industrial era. We’ve more active industries than ever, producing endlessly. As the population increased, we started to mass-produce products. In the race to produce fast and cheap, we forgot about the quality and its long-term consequences.

It’s more important than ever that we focus on and practice Fairtrade. Without Fairtrade we’ll be oppressing the farmers and producers.

  • Child labor can be reduced substantially through Fairtrade. Parents send their children to work because of their financial situation. If they’re paid fair wages and fair prices for their hard work. They won’t have to send their children to work instead of schools.
  • Moreover, if workers are compensated when they meet an accident in the factory, their children won’t be forced to join the labor force and earn for food and the parent’s treatment.
  • In addition, Fairtrade has many Environmental advantages. Mostly, artists weave scarves by hand and don’t use any heavy machinery that produces noise or consumes energy. Largely, it’s a natural and quiet process. They don’t have to waste hundreds of gallons of water to make just one shirt like the modern textile factories. They’re more eco-friendly and don’t have any adverse effects on the environment.
  • The process of production is slower. The trends stay for a longer period and thus reduce the shopping rate of the consumers. Consequently, the annual waste added to the environment is much lower than that of modern factories.
  • Social Impacts: Furthermore, the lives of primary producers can be improved through Fairtrade. When artists receive fair value for their hard work, more people will want to learn skills. It’ll create a competitive environment where everyone will try to be better at weaving or designing scarves than others. When they receive their fair share, they’ll have improved nutrition and their children will go to school without thinking about their stomachs. This will boost creativity and social security.
  • Women empowerment: Fairtrade has helped empower women. In many fields, women were thought to be weak and were paid less than men. However, in crafting scarves and other handicrafts women have proven better. Association with Fairtrade organization has helped them receive fair wages not only themselves but also create jobs for other skilled women.
Here are 7 Handcrafted scarves that make the perfect gift for her.

1. Birds Design Hand-Printed Cotton Scarf By Asha Handicrafts:

If you are someone who likes simple aesthetic designs, then this scarf is perfect for you. These are crafted in India with classic techniques which are hard to replicate. They are 100% cotton; the texture is amazingly soft and very lightweight.

Mostly, expert female artisans weave these scarves with their hands and know how to make them more attractive with handprinted designs.

  • Measurement:

This scarf is 71 inches long while 17 inches wide. It can protect you from a cool breeze while giving an elegant look.

  • Color and design:

This scarf is really a gift with its grey-ish color and red and orang-ish birds’ design imprinted with hands on it. The color and design are simple and plain but the skilled Indian artisans know how to present them and leave you in awe.

  • Price:

The amount of skill, passion, and patience that goes into making these scarves are priceless. Nor can one pay the price for a smile that lights up your loved one’s face. But this hand-woven and decorated scarf cost $29.95 each. Given the effort and time consumed in making each of these scarves, it is a reasonable price.

To visit their versatile scarves collection, click here.

2. Handcrafted Batik Silk Scarf, “Orchid Duality”:

This simple colored Silk scarf is for you if you don’t like different colors and complex designs on your scarf. This is dyed through the batik method (which requires patience and precision because a small mistake can ruin the whole design and make the fabric useless) and has only slightly red and twinkling purple-grey colors. The scarf is 100% silk.

Scarf | Handcrafted Scarf | Handmade Scarf

Thailand’s skilled artisans have crafted this scarf with sheer enthusiasm and determination.

If you want to glow up her face, gift her this super simple aesthetic scarf.

  • Measurement:

Its length is 65 inches while its width is 12.25 inches. This made in Thailand, thin, lightweight but stylish scarf will make you stand out from the crowd of readymade scarves while looking fashionable.

  • Color and design:

This particular scarf is colored through the batik method of dyeing. This method originates from Indonesia, in which some parts of the piece are left undyed by applying a certain kind of wax. It has slight red and twinkling purple-grey colors while the design is delicate and charming.

  • Price

This unique handicraft, made by expert and patient Thai women costs you $21.59. They also wrap it for you for free. Besides, you can also avail the premium wrapping offer. This can be an elegant gift for your special one.

  • Customer reviews:

There are about a dozen reviews on this particular scarf. All of them are verified reviewers and have praised the authenticity, colors, and overall product. They are all satisfied with their purchases from Vinita: the artisan who handcrafted these simple yet stylish scarves.

The woman behind this masterpiece: Vinita Tongtawat

Vinita is an accomplished Thai woman and has a degree in art. Now, crafting different colors and styles of scarves and handbags, pouches, etc. has become her family business. Her husband, daughter, and son, all are graduates of art and help her run the business.

She is a woman of determination and a true example of an empowered woman. She has over 600 hundred reviews on her NOVICA profile which has maintained 4.5 stars rating over the years.

  • She is a job creator:

Through her handcrafted products, she is now creating jobs by hiring women for different positions in her business. It has enabled her to contribute to the prosperity of the small villages of Thailand. Many women help her to produce handicrafts to meet the demands of her buyers.

  • Women empowerment badge:

She possesses a women's empowerment badge on the website. This particular badge is awarded to artisans who are women, or businesses that are led by women. The badge is meant to appreciate their work and efforts for women and their society.

We all need to admire her for the work she is doing and support her through appreciating her artworks.

3. Ikat Diamond Design Hand-Printed Cotton Scarf By Asha Handicrafts:

This Ikat diamond design scarf is made with traditional methods. It is painstakingly handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. They work in different villages in India by environmentally sustainable traditional techniques. Minimum energy is used to keep their work as eco-friendly as possible.

Scarf | Handcrafted Scarf | Handmade Scarf

Ikat: the most common and popular method of dyeing is used in its production. Its uniqueness resides in the fact that it’s woven by hand. In addition, the designs are also hand-printed.

This is 100% cotton, soft and lightweight. That’s why this handcrafted scarf makes the perfect gift for her.

Its length is 71 inches while its width is 19 inches. It protects you from cold weather as well as gives you an elegant look.

  • Delivery: They process your order within 24 hours.

Its price is $29.95. Apart from its reasonable price and top-notch quality, there are multiple reasons to buy this scarf. These scarves are made in cooperation with Asha Handicrafts: which is a non-profit organization and a member of The World Fair Trade Organization.

They are based in an Indian city Mumbai, helping local artisans to promote their artwork and earn their livelihood. Asha Handicrafts help them receive the value they deserve. Due to their constant support, many Indian villages have communities producing genuine Handicrafts, marketing, and selling them in international markets.

The traditional ways of life deserve to live on within and along with certain new ways and we all can ensure it through buying and helping these handicrafts.

4. 100% Silk, Blue and Purple Scarf

You don’t want to miss the vibrant Blue and Purple silk scarf. Buyers can’t stop loving this handcrafted scarf because it’s soft and airy in addition to its vibrant lovely colors.

The scarf is woven and dyed with hands from natural and eco-friendly materials through traditional techniques. You can wear it around your neck as well as an evening wrap. Furthermore, it’s available in various colors, types, and sizes in their Etsy shop.

  • Measurement:

It’s 70.86 inches (180 cm) long while 31.49 (80 cm) inches wide.

  • Price:

With USD 23.09 price, this is one of the best-selling scarves of the MillieBooSilkScarfs.

  • Reviews:

This handcrafted and hand-dyed vibrant particular scarf has more than two dozen 5-star reviews. Many satisfied buyers can be seen praising the lovely colors as well as the quality of the product in the comment section. They are determined that they will return and buy again.

  • Delivery:

Due to the Covid pandemic, the delivery process seems to have been disturbed. The products are not being tracked but they are dispatched the next day they are ordered.

You can also opt to send the gift directly to the recipient's address with a complimentary note for your friend. They also make sure that your gift is wrapped beautifully, reflecting your love and care for your friend. What can be more beautiful than that!

5. Cotton Scarf “Graceful Splits”:

    This graceful blue and white striped scarf has a unique crackled design. Apart from their elegant colors, these scarves are 100% cotton and well-made. This art piece can really improve your outfit.

    Utilizing the famous Batik technique, this scarf is woven by an Indian artisan Hayat Gutti. Hayat creates art so that his ancestors’ work can live on and art doesn’t become extinct. 

    They produce handcrafted scarves and apparel perfect for self-use and gifting to a nice friend.

    • Measurement and price: ON SALE!

    This particular scarf is 71 inches long and 20 inches wide. It is currently on sale and will cost you $11.69. Keeping in mind the determination and time consumption, the price is reasonable. In addition, this is a step forward to promoting fair trade around the globe.

    The artist instructs buyers to only dry clean it.

    6. Green, Terra cotta mix Scarf By Pinkbeige: Buy 3 get 1 free!

    This pashmina handmade scarf is a great gift for women. You can wear it as a scarf, shawl, or wrap. The vibrant but aesthetically pleasing colors are embroidered using an embroidery machine for complex decorative patterns.

    Pashmina yarn is famous for its slight shine and anti-fade qualities. It also feels very soft and smooth. The design and variety of colors allow you to wear it with modern outfits and participate in any social activity, gathering, or party. You can also wear it to attend the office, go shopping, crash your friend’s birthday party or attend a wedding ceremony.

    It is versatile in style and can blend effortlessly with any modern outfit.

    • Price and other details:

    Its actual price is USD 34.39 but currently, it’s on sale and you can buy it for USD 31.41.

    The scarf is 76 inches long and 24 inches wide which allows you to utilize it for multiple purposes.

    Besides, if you buy 3 scarves, you will get one item for free. After placing an order, you will be able to track your delivery on the web and know where it has reached.

    If you want to know more, click here.

    7. Panda Bear pattern Chiffon Infinity Scarf:

    If you like different designs like pandas, birds, books, or any other design on your scarf then this handcrafted loop scarf is for you. Along with these cool-looking designs, the scarf is made from chiffon with top-notch quality, it’s extremely smooth.

    However, it’s very lightweight which specifies it for early summer or autumn only. Several satisfied buyers testify that the scarf turns heads everywhere we go out.

    Asli offers many peculiar, splendid, and charming designs and the buyers are more than happy. She has sold nearly 27,000 pieces till now through her Etsy shop while maintaining a 5-star rating.

    • Price and other details:

    With 15% off, you can purchase this handmade scarf for USD 18.61 while it’ll cost you USD 21.90 after the sale ends.

    It’s 32 inches long and 27 inches wide. The delivery time varies with region. Know more about it here.

    Everyone near you is special and they deserve to be loved and cared for. Now, it’s high time that we tell and show them that we care for them and will back them up in this fight against loneliness and the norms of the cruel world. To your family and friends as well as those artists who are exploited, and underpaid because they chose to preserve their traditional ways of life and art.

    What better way to tell them than gifting a charming scarf crafted through hands with immense love and passion with a lovely personal note!

    Instead of using heavy machinery and disturbing the natural order of the planet Earth, they chose to weave with needles and craft with simple tools and natural materials that don’t need mega energy plants and remain eco-friendly.

    Today, we should think about them and promote and support Fairtrade by buying special and unique handicrafts instead of mass-produced products that are hazardous for our environment.