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16 Beautiful Hand-Crafted Toys for Toddlers

Child playing with wooden toys

Children are happiest with toys they love. To adults, those toys can be seen as little more than just plastic, wooden, or a piece of cloth, but children see them as real characters and persons in their lives.

Children talk to them. They care for them and share stories. Some children claim that their toys (most of them are given names) talk back and converse with them.

And while toddlers are likely to "engage" with mass produced toys as easily as that special hand me down from your childhood, why not consider enriching them with a hand crafted toy that will last throughout their life?

A hand crafted toy for your toddler could be anything from an organic, hand stitched stuffed animal, to maybe a a colorful, wacky hand felted tooth fairy pouch to go under their pillow, delighting both the tooth fairy and your toddler the next morning.

You can find thousands of toys online, but we’ve prepared a list of 16 beautiful hand-crafted toys that are organic, made in natural settings, and safe for your toddler.

1. Organic Floppy Bunny Rabbit, Beige:

If you want a playmate for your toddler, this Bunny Rabbit can be your number one choice. It’s handcrafted and made from pure cotton.

In addition, it’s made with lambswool giving it extremely soft. 

These adorable bunnies are perfect for small children who quickly get attached to their favorite stuffed animal and insist on taking it with them everywhere they go. 

A family from Germany that lives in a picturesque mountain village makes these handicrafts.

They're made by skilled artisans through hard work and patience using skills passed down through generations.

In this industrial era, if someone’s making an effort to make eco-friendly toys, we should support them.

  • Size:

The large-size Bunny Rabbits are 19 inches long making them the "not too big, not too small" friend for your toddler.

  • Price:

Each is made from certified cotton and pure wool and costs $74.

The family selling this bunny rabbit sells only authentic products, has received plenty of positive reviews, and has maintained a 5-star rating.

You can place your order here and receive a beautiful handcrafted toy for your toddler 

2. Hand Felted Tooth Fairy Pillow With Blonde Hair And Pink Dress By Global Groove:

Baby girls just seem to be born loving dolls and everything pink. If you have a little girl and are searching to find just such a product, then our tooth fairy pillow just may put an end to your search.

She's designed with blonde hair styled in a classic bun, and dressed in pink, of course. And her pink and blue decorative star dresses up the cute pocket for that  lost tooth.

The whimsical design and bright colors will certainly delight your little girl as she babbles to her whatever the babbling may mean:)

  • Why is it special?

This tooth fairy pillow is made possible by Global Groove, a Fair Trade organization. It works with women artisans in countries like Thailand and Nepal by making a market for these hand crafted, one of a kind, items.

Items like this hand felted tooth fairy pillow are made by these women using skills that are passed from one generation to the next.

When purchasing Fair Trade items, you're helping to keep these generational skills alive in places like Nepal, that would otherwise lose them to jobs that pay better in the more densely populated areas.

Global Groove is working to help sustain these unique artisans by bringing their hand crafted items to market, thereby making sure they receive the value and respect they deserve for their unique handmade art pieces.

Besides, it positively impacts not only the artisans and their families, but also the environment with the elimination of processes that pollute and result in harmful waste.

By supporting Fair Trade it is a win-win to the consumer, the artisans, and the environment.

  • Price and other details:

You can purchase this adorable tooth fairy pillow for your little one for an affordable price of $19.95.

Feel free to have a look at this little tooth fairy pillow here.

3. Wooden Toy Iron:

Most toddlers try to mimic their Mom or Dad. And while ironing isn't as popular as it once was, it's a good bet that we all have an iron in the house somewhere.

If you find your little one showing any interest when you find yourself doing any of the ironing, why not consider giving her one of her own?

This toy Iron is wooden and made by hand. It even includes detailed holes for steam!  Now that's what we call "attention to details."

It's completely safe and eco-friendly.

  • Why do we recommend it?

If you want your child to remain safe while mimicking you, then this toy iron is a must-have. 

Just set her up with a couple of doll dresses and show her just how to use her own iron.

  • Size and Price:

This toy iron is 6.5 inches long and 3.75 inches wide costing $13.

You can also purchase a gift bag for it to be delivered in. Head out to their store and place your orders for your little one.

hand felted wacky tooth fairy pillow

This colorful orange wacky monster can surely fit into your toddler’s adorable toy family.

This is 100% hand felted and hand crafted. In addition, this colorful and fun tooth fairy pillow has a pocket in back to keep your child's lost tooth safe while waiting on the tooth fairy.

The hand crafted felt makes it extremely soft and this item is unique enough to be cared for and passed down to the next generation in your family, delighting tooth fairies and toddlers for years to come:)

  • Measurement and price:

This 6 inches by 4 inches hand felted toy is $19.95.

This is also crafted by artisans supported and promoted by Global Groove, hence keeping the ancient hand felting skills of old alive and well for future generations.

They’re proud to be a part of a movement striving for a better natural environment and working conditions for these artisans and are certified Fair Trade.

5. Toddler Push Wagon / Walker:

This handcrafted wooden toddler walker is perfect to facilitate the unsteady flight of your little one. It’s purely made of wood in ethical ways to protect the environment. Besides, it doesn’t produce any noise.

Talented artists from Germany have crafted this simple but detailed walker which facilitates toddlers in walking. It can also be used for carrying items and many other purposes.

Additionally, there's adequate safety measures in place like setting the screws to decrease the speed of the walker and prevent any mishaps. 

  • Measurement and price:

You can purchase this 19.5 x 12 x 18.5 inches walker for $160 here.

6. Natural Nesting House (Grimm's):

Your little one might require a house for her family of rabbits and other friends. Consider this Natural Nesting House based inspired by the Grimm's fairy tales.

Because this toy is designed to be engaging, your toddler will need to focus to make this house because it comes in separate wooden pieces.

This helps unleash your toddler's creativity and coordination. Depending on your little one's patience and focus, they can actually create a place for their little friends.

Completely made of wood, with certified non-toxic paints, this Natural nesting house is made in Bosnia.

  • Size and price:

You can purchase this 5.5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 2.75 inches wide house for $34.

7. Hide-and-Seek Bunnies in Carrot Pouch:

No one can deny that children love the Hide-and-seek game. They love bunnies and bunnies love carrots.

These bunnies playing hide-and-seek in a carrot pouch might possibly become your child's new favorite toy. 

They're easy to carry and can serve as a happy distraction. If your toddler happens to be in a less than happy mood, try giving them this fun toy and engage them with a hide and seek game around these playful bunnies.

Hand woven in Thailand with pure cotton, they’re extremely soft and have no negative environmental impacts, important to consider for those wishing to make sustainable purchases.

Your support also ensures these artisans can continue making these adorable toys while being able to support their family.

  • Size and price:

The bunnies are 2.4 inches long each while the length of the carrot pouch is 7 inches.

You can purchase it for $28 here. In addition, gift bags are also available. 

8. Soft Cotton Rainbow Ball:
colorful soft rainbow ball

Children like colors. This Rainbow ball is just as colorful as a toddler would want. Neither is it slippery or hard.

It’s soft with rich texture, made from pure cotton, and filled with hypoallergenic polyester making it a good fit in your toddler’s small hands.

It will set your toddler in motion. He/she will try to hold, throw and kick it helping them improve their sensory game.

The vibrant colors will grab their attention and they’ll start analyzing and recognizing different colors.

In short, this ball makes the perfect first ball for your toddler or a gift for your friend’s expected baby.

You can place your order and buy this ball for $19 here.

9. Rock-a-Bye Baby - Organic Terry Rattle Doll with Bed:

This doll set has everything your toddler needs. It has an adorable doll with a detailed face structure and happy colors.

Your toddler will instantly befriend her. It also has a rattle to keep things interesting, at least for the child:) Sometimes parents prefer to keep noise to a bare minimum.

With a proper bed setting, a blanket, and two handles, she’s always ready to be carried for a walk, tea party, or to dine out.

Made of pure cotton and wool, this little doll is quite soft while being of excellent quality from German artisans.

You can purchase it in one of the two colors, baby blue or lavender.

  • Price and size:

She’s 5.5 inches tall with a 6 inches long bed. You can buy it for just $39 here.

10. Montessori Infant Set: Motor development set

This is a set of 5 toys to spark your toddler's interest. The jingling sound from the bell cylinder motivates infants to shake their hands and lends to developing coordination.

All of these toys are crafted in the USA through manual and traditional methods without the consumption of hazardous energy. They're made using non-toxic glue, safe dyes, and waxes.

This store has many satisfied buyers impressed with the quality and the delivery.

  • Price:

You can buy these beautifully handcrafted toys for toddlers here for USD 69.00.

11. Montessori baby toys – Animals:

This faceless but recognizable attractive family of handcrafted animals live together in a hut. Taking care of this adorable family can be an interesting activity for your toddler.

It’s a set of 12 wooden animals including a dog, cat, pig, giraffe, owl, monkey, and others animals. Every set is different than any other due to the hand crafted nature from the artisans.

  • Size and price:

The average height of the toys is 2.3 inches while the house is 7.48 inches high. Approximately 8 toys can fit inside the house while the others wait outside.

This store has countless rave reviews so if your interested, you can order one for your toddler here for USD $39.76 at the time of this writing.

12. Sloth Coin Purse:
cute sloth coin purse handcrafted

Is it ever too early to get your children in the habit of putting a little something aside? As a toddler, yes perhaps, but when it involves our adorable and fun sloth coin purse, maybe not.

This captivating, lovable coin purse with its simple sloth design makes it the perfect coin purse for your little one.

If coins are too small, consider encouraging them to keep some of their wooden animals in it so as not to be scattered and get lost.

It’s made from 100% handcrafted felt and has durable zipper to last many years with proper care.

It’s displayed in our store in line with our devotion to featuring only Fair Trade items.

  • Size and Price:

This unique 6.5 by 4 inches handicraft can be purchased here for just $14.95.

13. Dinosaur Animal Play Set:

Fantasizing about Dinosaurs never ends. Small children love to imagine the giant creatures in action.

Even very young children seem to be drawn to these ancient creatures once introduced to them through any sort of visual medium. If you do start to see an affinity for dinosaurs in your little one, take a look at this set.

This Etsy pick Dinosaur family consists of 7 dinosaurs made of wood along with a fiery toy volcano! This set also comes with a charming packaged box.

They’re all handmade with natural hardwoods. Skilled artisans from New York have worked on them with patience and passion to acquire precise design and size, each time.

  • Size and price:

They’ve various sizes while costs USD $33.00. Take a closer look here.

14. Educational 3D Wooden Toys:

Fourteenth on our list of 16 beautiful hand-crafted toys for toddlers is this educational wooden board. If you want your toddler to start learning in a fun way, consider what this wooden board offers.

It not only improves your child’s memory, but also helps with innovativeness and critical thinking. Since it focus on fun, your toddler will stay with it longer and grow incrementally as they stay engaged.

  • Price:

Find this hand crafted wooden board toy here for USD $39.95 at the time of writing.

15. Branch Furniture Set - Small Bedroom:
adorable toy furniture set

What child hasn't felt the enchantment of fairies from early one? This adorable wooden fairy bedroom set encourages play without digital entertainment, allowing them to use their own imagination.

Even at a young age, your toddler may be fascinated by just switching out which fairy gets which bed or how to place a specific piece of furniture in relation to the others.

This enchanting fairy furniture set is hand crafted in Poland from European hardwoods so each piece is one of a kind.

This set is comprised of two beds, a dresser, and a crib. In addition, you can buy fairy dolls for these beds separately.

  • Size and price:

The bed measures 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high. You can buy it for $18 here

16. Deer:

This fashionable toy deer from the UK might be your toddler’s new best friend. Once your child is introduced to Bambi, deers take on a special meaning.

This special deer likes to maintain her appearance with a charming scarf and yellow leather satchel matching her dress.

This toy is extremely detailed with removable clothes and the leather satchel is also hand crafted. The embroidery making her face is up to the mark and the fabric colors to the point.

The artists have taken their time to craft this exquisite little deer with great attention to detail using generational skills passed down from one family to the next.

This is a good representation of why consumers are returning to old fashioned, hand crafted toys for their toddlers.

  • Size and price:

This toy deer is 23 inches long and you can purchase her for your toddler for approximately $107.

These 16 beautiful hand-crafted toys for toddlers, as well as thousands of other such toys, are easily available online as we've outlined with our suggestions.

Given the extensive high reviews on Etsy and other online market places, this trend will only grow. Parents, while teaching toddlers through digital media, also are returning to these solid, hand crafted toys that engage their child imagination.

These hand crafted toys' popularity is also expected to grow as a result of consumers having become more conscious of and desiring more sustainable practices that enhance both the artisans' lives and this beautiful environment we're all looking to preserve.