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14 Unique Hand-Crafted Necklaces That Bring Any Outfit to Life

handcrafted necklace Fairtrade outfit

Necklaces complete your look and complement your outfit. Some work best with particular styles, while others bring to life any outfit. 

Handcrafted necklaces in that they are a reflection of the artist's vision and represent a unique, one of a kind piece. These handcrafted necklaces incorporate generational skills with each being a work of art.

Furthermore, Fair Trade jewelry provides a stream of income for impoverished communities. These skilled communities are found everywhere in the world, and many times are vulnerable to inflation, hunger, and various diseases in ways that those in a first world country have no way of understanding.

Through their arts and crafts, these artisans and their families are able to reach a level of financial stability  they may not have known before and even send their children to school, instead of keeping them home to work in the family craft.

There are many advantages of purchasing Fair Trade jewelry, but we'll only name a few here to keep it brief.

  • Women Empowerment:

Purchasing hand crafted necklaces, especially through Fair Trade organizations and businesses, empowers women in developing countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and other developing countries.

Women are usually good at making handicrafts and they can make it while caring for their small children as expected within their cultures.

Women make up the majority of skilled artisans in the hand crafted trade because they have a keen eye for detail, color, and design.

  • Preserving traditions:

Crafting necklaces and other jewelry items by hand not only keeps these skills alive within the culture, but with the help of Fair Trade organizations and their marketing of these hand crafted pieces, the younger generation has reconsidered staying local and continuing the craft instead of leaving for the larger cities.

Many young Balinese artists have learned from their parents at home and started their own productions at very young ages.

  • Job Creator:

Adept masters working with precious metals, not only improve their own financial conditions, but also help the entire community by just purchasing more goods and services locally, helping to lift everyone's living standard.

  • Caring for Children:

Many skilled women who couldn’t care for their children previously are now associated with Fair trade organizations and earn a decent living. When they work for a cooperative operating under Fair trade principles, they receive fair wages and good working conditions along with other incentives. Now, they can care for their children in the best possible ways.

  • Profound Impacts of Fair trade and Handcrafted Products:

The Fair trade movement has also brought other positive impacts to individual lives and the planet as well. It enables artists to send their children to schools for education and growth whereas before, these children would be expected to work in the fields or assist their Moms in taking care of younger siblings.

Fair trade encourages cooperation among impoverished communities. Now they work to craft and meet their customers’ demands instead of growing hostile.

Many skilled women have dozens of younger women assistants to help them in the design process and in making these beautiful unique handcrafted items. These younger women wouldn't have had the opportunity to earn an income if it weren't for the Fair trade movement.

Furthermore, Fair trade projects don't require huge machinery or energy consumption. Most of the artists work with simple traditional tools that have been used for centuries like hammers, needles, looms, and raw materials.

Yet, these traditional skilled designs tend to be superior to mass-produced jewelry both in quality and in their original designs.

Skilled artisans craft neat and detailed designs highly appreciated by jewelry lovers.

So, given the beauty of purchasing something wholly unique and knowing the benefits provided to these artisans, why not explore our list of 14 Unique Handcrafted Necklaces That Bring Any Outfit to Life?

1. Goldtone Cone Pendant Necklace: Asha Handicrafts

gold cone pendant handcrafted necklace

A lot of people are fed up with redundant designs and mass-produced jewelry. If you’re one of them, then check out this art piece. It features a design that's simple, unique, and made by hand but cleanly finished.

This stunning pendant necklace has a long chain with a safe, adjustable clasp to hang comfortably and beautifully around your neck.

This simple, stylish necklace is handcrafted by talented artists from India in association with Asha Handicrafts, the Fair trade organization that makes it possible.

Asha Handicrafts: A Fairtrade Organization

It’s a Fairtrade organization operating in India. The organization helps impoverished skilled communities throughout rural India.

It focuses on people with skills, polishing their skills, and providing access to international markets to upscale their businesses.

The cooperative is a non-profit official member of the World Fairtrade Organization (WFTO). It tries to uplift people who work with socially and ethically responsible ways. Promoting Fair trade and Fair trade practices are its core focuses.


This necklace is 20 inches long that comes with a 3-inch extender for adjustment. The necklace is made of brass with a 1.5-inches long pendant.


Add to your cart this one-of-a-kind unique necklace for $27.95 and bring your outfit to life.

2. “Inspiring Love” sterling silver necklace:

love handcrafted sterling silver necklace

Some people love to attach a romantic and love sentiment to their jewelry. They engrave their or their loved one’s initials or the word “Love” itself. If you want the same, then this “Inspiring Love” sterling silver necklace makes your work easy.

It has a long chain with glittering quartz and a small medal made of sterling silver with “Love” engraved on it. Additionally, it features a small chain along the clasp decorated with a white pearl and glass bead.

The artist has crafted it with great attention to detail and passion. In its simple minimalistic design, the artistic features are clearly dominant.

She has also managed to attach real sentiments of love and passion to her art piece. Some people also love it for the stones believing that they attract positive energy.

The Balinese Hands Behind This Masterpiece: Ketut Sulastri

Like many Balinese artisans, Ketut started working while she was in school. She did it to pay her fees and help her parents buy basic needs.

At age 15, she started receiving orders and she’d complete them at home. After growing for 10 years, she opened her shop and started selling jewelry crafts on a larger scale.

Today, Ketut has 20 women assisting her in her work. Due to her hard work and dedication, she has managed to improve not only her life but also the lives of many poor and vulnerable women and thus families.

Ketut gets orders and then distributes them among her assistance women to help them earn for themselves and improve their families’ conditions.

They utilize sterling silver, gemstones, beads, and nylon cord to craft spectacular designs and necklaces that complement and bring to life your outfits.

They also work in accordance with Fair trade principles and use simple tools like needles and scissors, etc. to produce these relaxing necklaces.

Ketut's impact is profound because she’s empowering impoverished women and preserving traditions as well as being a job creator. Her art and its affects help artisans to earn more, educate their children, and achieve financial stability for the first time.

She hopes that people will support her in this cause and buy more of her crafts so she can recruit many more poor women from the neighborhood and provide them  opportunities.


This charming necklace is 17.25 inches long with a 0.5-inch charm and 0.7-inch pendant.


It’s currently on sale for $35.99.

3. “Pure Grace” Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace:

cultured pearl pendant handcrafted necklace

As the name suggests, it’s a graceful and elegant necklace. The design is detailed and intricate and presents dot and rope motifs around a glistening cultured freshwater pearl. To give it an attractive decorative touch, the artist has crafted a flower just above the pendant, maximizing its beauty.

Babun Dey: The Artist Behind the Art

Babun dey is from India. His father taught him all he knew to craft beautiful jewelry.

He crafts both traditional and modern designs and loves to work with vibrant gemstones.

Today, he owns a workshop consisting of 20 workers. Babun dey does the designs while his brother works in the quality side and their father guides and overseas their work, bringing his many years of experience and keeping these ancient traditions alive today.


It’s an adjustable chain and measures 17.25 inches minimum.


You can order this “Pure Grace” necklace for $39.99.

4. 925 sterling Solid Silver Necklace: Handcrafted

 925 sterling Solid Silver Necklace handmade

If you’re searching for a simple, neat looking necklace that’s intricately crafted, then check out this solid sterling silver necklace. It’s handcrafted by Indian artists featuring dot and rope motifs along with complex patterns.

Due to its neutral color and shape, this necklace goes with any outfit perfectly. You can wear it with traditional dresses as well as modern outfits because it complements both equally.


The necklace’s size is completely adjustable. Communicate your thoughts to the artist and receive a handmade necklace of your choice.


With 50% off, this handcrafted necklace is available for USD $33.00.

5.  Chunky Seed Beads Necklace with silver stones: Lucia’s Imports

chunky seed bead handmade necklace

If you’re a green fashion lover and prefer Fair trade items, then have a look at this eye catching chunky necklace. It’s handcrafted from seed beads and accent silver stones and will completely transform your outfit with its chunky appearance.

Lucia’s Imports: The Cooperative behind the art

Lucia’s imports work in cooperation with Guatemala-based artisans, families, and organizations. They order handicrafts in large amounts to meet their buyers’ demand and keep their stock stable.

Moreover, the cooperative is a member of the World Fair trade Organization and strives for the promotion of Fair trade practices and Guatemalan art and beauty. Through its efforts, the lives of many Mayan artists have changed and continue to improve.

The core goal of Lucia’s imports is to work closely with the artists and produce traditional, sustainable fashion. Most of the workers work with simple tools and utilize recycled Mayan textiles. While for jewelry, they work by hand in eco-friendly ways to minimize any negative impact.


This fantastic necklace measures 21 inches in length.


This handcrafted necklace sells for $33.95.

6. Silvery edge waning Crescent Moon Necklace:

silvery edge waning crescent moon necklace Fairtrade

If you’re a Selenophile (moon lover), then we’ve got something special for you. This waning crescent moon will end your worry of tomorrow. It conveys the message that your weakest moments might be the closest to your strongest self just like the darkest hours are the closest to the morning light.

It’s gold dipped and available in gold, rose gold as well as silver finish while made of high-quality brass along with sheer dedication and passion.


This handcrafted silvery edge necklace measures 16 inches in length with a 1.18-inch-high pendant. It has a safe lobster clasp.


Avail this amazing necklace for USD 21.99.

7. Men’s Cross Handcrafted Necklace:

Christian symbol cross necklace handmade

This hypoallergenic handcrafted Cross necklace is being crafted from stainless steel. Best for men of all ages while women may wear it too. Moreover, it’s tarnish safe.

It’s an Etsy bestseller and the shop has retained a 5-star rating with over 4 thousand orders.

The Artist behind the Cross Necklaces:

The shop Modern Out is being operated from Los Angeles. The artist crafts all these pieces by hand with traditional crafting tools. Due to the simple production process, the artist minimizes the negative impacts of production and maximizes productivity.


The chain’s 24 inches long with 2mm width. Its pendant is 22 mm high while 19 mm wide made from stainless steel and passion.


You can order this bestseller masterpiece for just USD 29.00 now for yourself or your special ones.

8. Mystic Topaz Rainbow Dangle Drop Necklace:

topaz dangle handcrafted necklace

If you like elegant-looking and loose designs instead of too tight necklaces, then this handcrafted Mystic Topaz Rainbow Dangle Drop Necklace might be the perfect necklace for you. It’s extremely comfortable and gorgeous looking at the same time.

It’s handmade and the materials used are sterling silver and Topaz gemstones. Its length’s adjustable, so no worries in that regard.

Liv Rich prepares trendy European designs for you to wear and gift your beloveds. Their methods are old and traditional but their designs leave you in awe.


The chain measures from 16.5 inches to 18.5 inches.


You can avail this charming necklace at USD 51.

9. Dainty Tennis Necklace: Gold Snake Chain

tennis necklace handmade Fairtrade

Tennis necklaces are timeless and the most elegant ones. You’ll instantly fall in love with its high quality and snakish design. It’s a 925-sterling silver necklace with gemstone Zirconia used to beautify these art pieces and give them a glittering look. Zirconia is commonly used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry.


This gorgeous necklace measures 15.35 inches but the sizes are adjustable.


It’s high quality and will cost you USD 70, sent in a fancy and secure box to avoid damage.

10. Fresh Water Pearls Necklace:

fresh water pearls necklace handcrafted


Some people prefer simple elegant designs instead of chunky or bulky necklaces. If you’re one such person, then this Pearl Necklace is your best option. It’s not just elegant and graceful but also stylish and trendy. This goes with every outfit and rocks the look. Good for in-house functions as well as a dine-out with your cute short dress.

The artist Susanne Rose has fitted the Freshwater pearls on a stainless-steel gold-plated wire perfectly with passion and immense love to make such a beautiful necklace. That too without exploitation of humans or environment with eco-friendly ways.

Susanne Rose: The Woman Behind the Craft

She’s a Germany-based artist crafting wonderful art pieces for the past 30 years. Susanne prepares necklaces best suited for Christmas, anniversaries, and other such occasions along with daily wears. She works with love, passion, dedication, and determination to satisfy her demanding customers around the globe. Susanne never hesitates to listen to the suggestions of her customers and work according to their desires.


This graceful necklace is over 21 inches long.


You can order this handmade pearl necklace for USD 38.61.

11. Personalized Ogham Initial Necklace:

personalized ogham handmade necklace

This necklace is reminiscent of 4th century Ireland because Ogham is the earliest writing form of Ireland dating back to the 4th century. However, this necklace isn’t special just because of the Ogham. Its structure is fancy and contrasty.

The colors are luxurious and unforgettable with high-quality materials. Furthermore, you can personalize it for yourself, your daughter, mother, or any other loved one.

Hard-working artists from Ireland craft these with utmost attention to details and neatness which maximizes their beauty.


The necklace is available in sizes including 16 and 18 inches.


The prices vary with the number of discs and the materials you choose. So, the prices range from USD 51.03 to USD 407. It depends on how many discs you want to be embedded into the chain.

12.  925 Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace:

sterling silver monogram Fairtrade necklace

If you like Monogram Jewelry, then don’t miss this Monogram necklace. You can personalize it and add your initials to it to reflect your personality or identity. Perfect for any type of traditional or modern outfit.

This wonderful necklace is completely handcrafted by adept masters and silversmiths. You can send it directly to your loved one’s address in a gift box gift wrapped for free.


Its chain size ranges from 16 to 20 inches while the pendant’s size is 1 to 2 inches with colors including silver, gold, and rose gold.


With 30% off, this necklace is listed for USD 27.93.

13. Tiny Gold Gingko Leaf Charm Necklace:

gold leaf charm necklace

This delicate Gold Leaf necklace design is every woman’s favorite. If you’re gifting it to your favorite person, then stick to this one. The cute charm is gold plated attached to a gold-filled 16 inches long chain.

A delicate yet the best choice for daily wear but avoid swimming, and oil, etc. while wearing it because that’ll damage the beauty of the necklace.


16 inches in length with a 2-inch extender and secure lobster claw for easy on and off.


This Etsy’s pick Gold Gingko leaf handmade necklace is listed for USD 80.

14. Layered Butterfly Necklace:

minimalistic layered butterfly charm handcrafted necklace

Minimalistic Necklaces are some of the most gorgeous-looking necklaces. They’re trending these days but handcrafted necklaces carry a unique feeling with them. That’s why we suggest you checking out this amazing Layered Butterfly Necklace. You can avail a gold plated or silver plated for yourself or your special ones.

It’s double-layered featuring Butterfly charms looking extremely delicate and graceful. This minimalistic design can bring to life any of your outfits with its detailed and neat appearance.


15 inches in length.


It’s one of the most affordable and high-quality necklaces. It's selling for USD $9.81 at the time of this post.

  • We know it’s tiresome to roam through online stores on various marketplaces to choose the best jewelry items and necklaces. With an enormous number of options available you sometimes feel overwhelmed and can’t decide what to buy and how to avoid low-quality jewelry. This list is to save you from that trouble and provide you with different but limited options to choose from. There are low-cost as well as expensive necklaces that you’d probably love.
  • Know that all of the above necklaces are handmade and have hundreds of positive reviews from buyers across the world who liked them and testified.
  • You must’ve loved some of the necklaces. Now, finalize and order with satisfaction because you’re not only helping yourself but several people attached to the supply chain of these necklaces.