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11 Beautiful Hand-Crafted Rings And The Stories Behind Them

Beautiful Hand Crafted Rings Fairtrade products

Jewelry, and rings in particular, have existed for thousands of years now. many pieces have held huge monetary value while others had religious, historical, or cultural value.

Presently, every market is flooded with mass-produced products. Jewelry is, of course, available at reasonable prices with various designs but so much of it lacks the unique experience and feel of authenticity.

These mass produced pieces are sometimes criticized for their negative impacts on the environment and the fact that many are made at the expense of those that are producing them, resulting in exploitation.

Today, we’re exploring the world of hand-crafted rings and the stories of sheer determination, passion, and hard work behind them.

Why Handcrafted Rings?

As stated above, handcrafted items possess a feel of originality and authenticity. When you know that a skilled person has put a considerable amount of time and effort to create this handicraft, its value increases.

It’s great when you know the artist and his other works as well. Even better if you could communicate your thoughts to the artisan and he/she makes something solely for you.

  • Value: Handicrafts hold more sentimental and often monetary value than mass-produced products because they’re unique. Any one can an of the shelf, mass produced ring, but rings that are crafted one by one with attention to detail and quality are precious and rare, not to mention unique!
  • Diversity: Handicrafts have diversity. They come in various colors, designs, and sizes. Because these skilled artists mostly work independently, they’re able to try new designs and shapes. 

But large industries can’t do that. It is less profitable to produce anything that is made by hand, so mass production and sameness is friendly to their "bottom line."

  • Personalization: Customization is one of the best features of hand crafted rings. You can either provide a rough idea or a complete description of your preferred design and the artist will turn your wish into reality.

In contrast, Industries, producing large quantities, can’t stop and make a customized item or ring for you. The best they can do is print items with random male/female names or famous sayings. If you’re lucky enough to match the name, size, and like the color or quote, then you’ve got a customized item.

  • Socially Responsible: We recommend and promote handcrafted rings because they’re produced under the Fairtrade principles. Skilled artists around the globe utilize their ancestral and traditional ways to ensure production through socially responsible ways.

They try to minimize energy consumption while maximizing their positive impacts on the environment.

  • Non-Discrimination: There’s no discrimination because they follow the principles of Fairtrade. It says that trade should be skill based rather than gender or color based and we think all of would agree!

If an artist in the Fair Trade field wants to learn a new skill, they are welcome without prejudice. Gender equality is practiced in the truest sense. Today, the majority of artisans working by hand and producing unique, hand crafted rings are women.

1. Rice Stalk Handcrafted ring:

handcrafted rice stalk Fairtrade ring

If you’re searching for a gift for your special friend then look no further. This silver ring is simple yet stylish and elegant. Its “Rice Stalk” design is inspired from and pays respect to the most important export of Indonesia, rice.

This intricate design is carved by hand from 925 sterling silver by a young Indonesian artist. Some of the ring's surface areas are polished, while others are oxidized to give it a sharp contrasting look.

  • Size: The ring’s front length is 7 inches while width is 8 inches. Its band's width is 4 inches. You can further check the size chart in different metric units.
  • Color: Its Color’s natural silver, given a contrasting look with polishing and oxidizing.
  • Price: This beautiful, handcrafted band ring is currently on sale. You can order it for $35.99, after the sale ends it’ll be $39.99.
· What else do you get?

You receive nice jewelry packaging without additional charge. There is also  premium packaging should you choose. Moreover, your purchase will help provide 20 packs of vital nourishment to children suffering from severe malnutrition, a win-win transaction!

Meet the Artist: Dewa Arimbawa

Dewa comes from a Balinese family of Artisans. Even his grandfather was a dancer, sculptor, and painter.

According to him, during the kingdom era, Bali reached its peak when it was the capital city. Traditional painting, weaving, and architecture developed multifold during that time.

Countless places and the exceptional landscapes of Bali inspires him to draw. But unlike other artists, his artwork reflects the traditional life of Bali, including motifs in the weaving and architecture of the country.

Through his life experiences and tough times, he now knows how to deal with people of different sorts and conditions. He says carving attractive art pieces from copper, silver, and gemstones is a demanding and time-consuming task.

You’ve to be patient and consistence. He's learned that crafting anything by hand with such patience and consistency is the only way to produce beautiful pieces that stand the test of time, while appealing to his audience.


handmade adjustable brass ring cool design

If you want a classic unique look, then you must check out this beautiful, handcrafted adjustable brass ring. It’s composed of a turquoise stone and edged brass.

The appearance is bold and chunky. Every ring is unique because each is handcrafted and every ring’s a new task and new product.

  • Size: The ring’s size is adjustable. It’s 0.75 inches wide and 0.25 inches high.
  • Price: You can order this handcrafted one of a kind ring for $19.95. Shop pay allows you to pay in full or in 4 installments without interest for orders between $50 and $3000.
The story behind this Masterpiece:

These aesthetically pleasing rings are handcrafted by artisans from India using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Throughout India, small communities are working in association with Asha Handicrafts.

Asha Handicrafts is a Mumbai based non-profit organization and a member of the WFTO (World Fairtrade Organization). They’re helping marginalized communities to learn skills and make handicrafts.

Moreover, they help to access international and other relevant markets. Through Asha Handicrafts' constant support, many underprivileged villages are improving and earning a decent livelihood.

3. Ring Leaf Wireframe:

handmade leaf wireframe ring minimalist

Want a ring with simple but an elegant design? Take a look at this handmade Leaf Wireframe ring. Its design looks traditional but gives modern vibes, thus blending purity and style.

The ring is hypoallergenic. No nickel or lead is used.

  • Size: its size is US 5 to 8, meaning available in small and medium sizes. Further, it’s adjustable.
  • Color: You can have this cast pewter in silver or Gold.
  • Price: Currently, this handcrafted fashionable ring is on sale at USD 24.93. Its actual price is USD 26.60.

There are many reviews on the shop as well as on this particular handmade ring. Many satisfied buyers have praised the quality and details of the ring.

Sonia Diaz: the woman behind the craft

Sonia has over 2800 followers on Etsy. She enjoys the creative process of crafting art work and focusing on the bigger picture.

According to her, humans have many ways of expression and telling people about themselves and their culture. She chose to speak through Art and people will know about her and her culture through her art pieces.


She has worked in ceramics, sculpting and painting. Now, she’s crafting unique jewelry pieces for you. It makes Sonia proud when you choose her for your special gift.


Her work is eco-friendly and follows the principles of Fairtrade to ensure sustainability and to prioritize people and planet over profit.

You can check out her shop, join her Facebook family or visit her Pinterest profile.


handcrafted red jasper and alpaca silver ring

If you’re looking for a more "statement" ring, full of design and style then this red jasper and alpaca silver ring is your best choice. Each ring’s carved by hand from Alpaca silver by adept artists incorporating three Red Jasper stones making it a beautiful hand crafted ring.

  • Size: Bonsai and bear presents it in size 8.
  • Color: Silver with red jasper stones.
  • Price: You can order this charming handcrafted ring at $19.95. You can also avail this in 4 interest-free installments if your purchase is between $50 and $3000 through shop pay.
Who carves these creative designs?

The UPA (Union Progresista Artesanal) based in Taxco El Viejo, carves these awesome designs. 26 seasoned artists work collaboratively in the organization since its creation in 1986.

They pick materials ranging from abalone, sterling silver to Taxco silver, and pearls transforming them to outstanding desirable shapes.

This organization ensures its artists work in accordance to Fairtrade principles, while paying fair wages and uplifting the community through various initiatives. For example, UPA is supporting local schools to educate children coming from impoverished communities.

So, be mindful that you’re not just placing an order for a beautiful, handcrafted ring, but literally helping to transform lives.

5. “Love Swirls” – Love themed sterling silver ring:

handmade silver love themed ring

This simple love themed ring is a perfect gift for her. It’s aesthetic and conveys a beautiful message.

There're intricate sterling silver motifs having the word “Love” at the center. The artist, Nyoman, has perfected this ring with a combination of finishes.

  • Size: “Love Swirls” is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13 with a band width of 3 mm W.
  • Color: Silver with a contrasting look due to some areas polished while other oxidized.
  • Price: This handcrafted inspiring accessory costs $23.39 (currently on sale) with a free gift wrap.
Artist Nyoman Rena:

Nyoman is a Balinese jewelry maker. He has listed over 500 handcrafted jewelry art pieces in his Novica store.

Most of his craft is inspired from his natural surroundings and wild life in Bali. His designs are varied and extensive, including waves, frogs, turtles, cats, and much more.

If you’re looking for a versatile collection of handicrafts, check out his store.

6. “Wreathed In Leaves” handcrafted ring:

handmade leafy gold accented blue topaz ring

Want to complete your fancy look? Check out this leafy-gold accented Blue topaz ring. This is just the right accent ring to dress up your every day outfit. 

Its wreathed leaves are made of sterling silver with 18k gold plate stems and a glittering blue topaz at the center.

  • Size: Available in sizes from 5 to 11 with a band width of 3 mm W.
  • Price: You can avail this decorative design handcrafted ring for $35.99 (on sale) with free gift wrap.
The Artist behind these art pieces: Ari Gunawan

Ari comes from a family of artists. His father and grandfather were artists. He considers his grandfather and parents-in-law his teachers in jewelry making.

Today, he’s a father himself and crafting jewelry pieces along with his wife. Ari is happy being a Balinese artist because the raw materials are easily accessible.

Together, they’re caring for their children, covering basic needs, and enabling education. This creative couple is preserving traditions and creating jobs for local talented artists.

In short, Fairtrade continues to transform lives in every corner of the world.

7. Silver Peace Sign Ring:

handcrafted silver peace sign ring

This best seller Peace sign ring is aesthetically pleasing and calming. Add it to your basket to complete the elegant look of your hands. Sterling silver and semi-precious stones are used to fabricate this elegant, yet fun handcrafted ring.

  • Size: Its smallest size is 4 while largest is 13.
  • Price: You can order this handcrafted beautiful ring for USD 20.00.
The skilled Woman: Old Hippie Dave

The Florida based artist goes by the name of Old Hippie Dave and is a mother of one daughter. She started crafting jewelry items in 1964 while her mother taught art in high school.

She would sell her work in arts and crafts shows for spending money. She packed her jewelry tools when she moved to Florida and became a plumbing contractor! 

Presently, she’s retired and spends her time handcrafting high-quality rings with unique designs. Old Hippie Dave enjoys her work as an independent artist following Fairtrade principles to maximize the positive impact these quidelines are known for.

8. Handcrafted Bold Statement ring:

handmade red bold statement ring

This red, bold statement ring makes the perfect gift for that special person who is NOT shy! There's nothing subtle about this ring from it's large centerpiece to it's bright and bold shade of red. Its huge bold design instills self-esteem and positive energy. According to the artist, it’s made of red glass, eco-friendly tin, and love.

Also, a personal note with the gift can be included for $1.

  • Size: You can have sizes from 3 to 15. Its width is 1.96 inches (5 cm).
  • Color: the ring’s color is bright red.
Star seller Artist Mariaela:

Mariaela is an active artist from Poland. She's won the hearts of buyers through her fantastic artwork and excellent customer experience. She aims to reduce the negative impact of the industry on the environment and provide high-quality handicrafts.

9. “I’m Enough”: motivation themed ring

handmade motivation themed stainless steel ring

Need inspiration and motivation? Something to remind you that YOU CAN do it? If yes, then check out this handcrafted stainless steel ring.

The phrase “I am Enough” is engraved on it by a talented artist. It reminds you of your worth and hinders negative thoughts.

  • Size: A truly adjustable ring. Squeeze it to tighten and pull it apart to widen. Simple as that.
  • Price: This positive, handcrafted ring costs you $21.21.

The skilled artist goes by the name of Soul Analyse who works with steel and crafts memorable unique art pieces. These jewelry items have powerful statements like “I am enough”, “I am a survivor”, etc. engraved on them.

Through their art and craft, they’re trying to change the way we look at ourselves, through the eyes of kindness and acceptance.

10. Empowerment themed gold plated ring:

handmade affirmative themed golden ring

Meant to inspire and make you feel good about yourself, “You Are Strong” is engraved on this gold-plated brass ring. In this fast-paced world, everyone needs someone or something to remind him/her that you’re strong and enough.

Keep swimming and you’ll reach your goal. This handcrafted with passion ring will do just that!

  • Size: Available in size from 5 US to 8 US.
  • Price: With a 25% sale, this beautiful ring costs you $31.50 saving $10.50.
The artist behind this Minimalistic design and thoughtful reminder:

Carmel Samiri is a creative director and photographer based in Los Angeles. She values the story behind the art and not just its monetary value. Carmel started making jewelry in 2019 when she wanted something creative and meaningful instead of just decorative.

Her brand is called Moon Star Rising, a line crafted with inspiration from her love of astrology, intended to create positivity and self-love.

11. Double Name Handcrafted Ring:

handcrafted double name love themed ring

Tell them your first and last name or special one’s name and get your personalized art piece. We love personalization about handcrafted items. One of the best examples to see and utilize this feature is this ring.

Apparently, buyers agree with us. This particular ring has over 10 thousand reviews, much more sales!

This is handmade from sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. 

  • Size: Available in various sizes ranging from 3.5 to 11.5 US.
  • Price: With a 25% sale, it’ll costs $23.62, saving $7.88.

That sums up our list of 11 beautiful handcrafted rings and the stories behind each one. These skilled jewelry artists are not only preserving traditions, but through their cooperation and alignment with Fair Trade their work is making education available to some that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity while also creating jobs in their local communities.

The human touch changes the essence of the product and the buyer’s experience. 

So, don’t hesitate to purchase Fairtrade items and handcrafted products. Your purchase not only brings you or some else a unique and quality piece, it also literally improves the lives of others.

We are proud to be a participant in this wonderful movement and invite you to take a look at our many other items, all hand crafted, all Fair Trade!