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10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow If You Want Unique Home Decor Items

room with unique handcrafted home decoration items

Home is, oftentimes, our favorite place. No matter our age, home is where we find our peace and solace.

If it's a new place, many of us strive to get used to it. Whether it's a new home, apartment, or a new location all together, we look to the idea of creating a space that offers the comfort found only in one's home.

The saying that "home is where the heart is" rings true, as there's simply a level of comfort unmatched anywhere else.

However, not every home provides the comfortable and peaceful haven we seek. that way. Why?

Because no one can take a relaxing breath in a home where there are random things on the floor where there is chaos and disorganization.

For a truly relaxed feel, we all want and need both beauty and order.

Here's a few reasons unique home decor items can give you both the order and beauty you may be seeking:
  • Finding the Calm After the Storm:

After a hectic or whirlwind day, you just want to go home and rest for a couple of hours without something distracting or disturbing you.

Unwinding is important for both stress relief and for emotional balance.

This is difficult when looking around only to see disorder and random, uninspired home decor items on your walls and elsewhere.

  • Think Minimalistic to Ease Your Mind:

After facing complex situations at your office or throughout your day, sometimes the best therapy when walking through your door, is to keep it simple and streamlined.

Our minds relax best when there's less stimulation, that includes the tendency to overload our home environment with too much stuff.

Why not think about going with one or two exquisite wall hangings, instead of a busy collection of numerous items, that possibly disrupt the easy feel you're after?

We've all heard of the now popular minimalistic design theme. Why not consider throwing out the old stuff you no longer use or want and redecorate with the most simple, yet elegant natural and unique home decor items?

  • Home decor and the human mind:

The human mind processes everything it sees and much of what you don't even take notice of, but still the mind captures it.

To rest your mind, you need a room that isn’t brimming with "busyness" or too many items, but rather a room with minimalist design, as much natural light as possible and light, neutral color schemes.

You can add pleasing unique home decor items to your room’s design and notice how much difference it makes.

The calmness is even more profound when incorporating hand crafted items made from natural materials.

Keep in mind that every color has a different impact on your mind and mood.

If your room is filled with light and fresh air, you'll feel more active. Such lighting and designs are often recommended for your work space to enhance productivity.

So remember to keep these concepts in mind when choosing your home’s colors, lighting, and specific decorative pieces.

  • Home decor is trending:

While it may not appear to be a real reason to rethink your home environment, home decor has been trending strongly for several years.

What this means for you, is that with so much focus on decorating the home space, especially during the pandemic, there is a constant flow of new ideas and how to's for every room as well as the exterior and yard.

And with a platform like Pinterest, the sheer volume of images from all over the world across every nook and cranny that could possibly be decorated, it's a delight to open yourself to wonderful ideas you didn't even know existed. 

Talk about inspiration!

Home Decor | Home Interior Decor
  • Why Pinterest?

Because Pinterest is a search engine like Google but using images, instead of returning boring text.

It's one of the fastest-growing social media sites with nearly 98 million users from the US alone and has 400 million active monthly users worldwide, the majority being women.

With this much activity and those many decorating posts, there is a plethora of all things having to do with transforming your space.

  • Which items to buy for decorating your home?

Many people mistake decoration for modernization or buying modern digital and technological gadgets.

Consequently, they fill their houses with as many electronics and other tech-related items they can instead of unique home decor items.

There's not anything unique about filling your space with so many tech related items.

Why not fill your space with unique home decor items that are either placed in a creative way or are handcrafted by independent artisans?

Home decoration is all about usefulness, whether contributing to the right mood, or actually adding to the ease of your everyday life.

Whether you convert something old into a useful and usable item, or filling your space with hand crafted and unique home accessories, you start to reduce the negative impacts on the environment while at the same time, supporting independent artists who are still creating by hand.

With this approach, everything in the home begins to hold either meaning or has some sort of usefulness.

It’s not about modernization and buying things. Most mass-produced products have huge energy consumption.

The aim is to create a relaxed, clean and sustainable space as much as possible.

Decluttering is important and useful.

Upgrading your home’s decor will be more effective if you start incorporating unique items, whether handmade or from a larger, Big Box store.

It's not as important where you source your unique home decor items as much as it is how you decorate with them to give you that special look and feel you're after. 

And while there isn't any shortage of items that are sure to please, putting a decorative plan together without overwhelm and wasting too much time is key.

So, to that end, we’ve scoured Pinterest for 10 accounts we think are worth a follow if you want unique home decor items and ideas:

“The Home Depot” is the leading Pinterest account with 2.9 million followers and over 10 million monthly views in the Home Decor category along with many other big creators.

While the Home Depot is in the Big Box category, with an account as large as theirs, it lends itself to a plethora of ideas across all spectrums from the color of your walls, to the flooring you walk on every day.

They've pinned hundreds of thousands of posts and pictures actively helping people around the world to upgrade and improve their home decor.

They’re one of the biggest promoters of Unique Home Decor Items on the platform.

Many tutorials of various crafts and how to create them are also shared actively with their followers.

People then replicate those ideas to make handmade and eco-friendly items for themselves.

With video tutorials, all of it becomes much easier and doable!

They've created and gathered innumerable design ideas and unique home decor items ranging from kitchen to holiday crafts, to interior and exterior designs and outdoor living.

If you're looking for not just ideas, bu also the "how to" of it all, take a look at their Pinterest account here or their Instagram here.

They also have other special accounts for Mexico and Canada named The Home Depot Mexico and The Home Depot Canada.

2. Bonsai and Bear:

We feel that our own great store, Bonsai and Bear, is one of the most authentic Pinterest accounts offering unique home decor items featuring our diverse Fair Trade collections.

We make sure that every item we offer is eco-friendly, made with natural raw materials, and has no negative impacts on the environment.

Further, everything in our store is 100% Fair Trade, helping indigenous artisan villages continue their skills and trade that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

No two items are alike.

Home Decor | Home Interior Decor

These artisans work with simple tools, without the use of any heavy machinery, from India, Mexico, Tibet, Haiti and many other parts of the world.

Without the Fair Trade network, these artisans are vulnerable to exploitation with payment that couldn't possible keep them supported or otherwise, allow them to educate their children.

Whether coffee growers in Cuba or wood carvers in Africa, all of our artisans are compensated well and therefore, can continue their handcrafted skills and growing techniques.

Bonsai and Bear is proud to promote our Fair Trade products through our social presence (Pinterest, Instagram) and e-commerce store.

Through Fairtrade, we're doing our best to help artists gain the recognition and value they deserve for crafting timeless, unique home decor and other items with sheer determination and passion.

We showcase a large variety of unique home decor items as well as women’s fashion and handcrafted jewelry.

Your support allows us to further align with the idea of sustainability while delighting our customers with one of a kind, authentic, handcrafted Fair Trade items.

You can follow us on Instagram here and visit their website here.

You don’t want to miss exploring Justina’s Pinterest account and overall social presence.

She’s one of the biggest creators and promoters of handicrafts with over 1.4 million followers on Pinterest and 10 million monthly views.

She's created and pinned thousands of pictures and ideas incorporating unique home decor items.

The broad collections range from decorative plants to healthy ideas for bedrooms.

There's also no shortage of handcrafted ceramics and pottery or handcrafted carpets.

We's say that whatever unique home decor items you may be searching for, you'll find them here.

Furthermore, their products are also sustainable, a goal we can all appreciate.

Most of the products displayed on their e-commerce store are organic and handcrafted.

In addition, they plant two trees for every purchase on their website Jungalow.

According to their slogan, it’s their belief that quality of life can be improved by good designs.

They agree that colors have an impact on your mood.

Make sure to follow this amazing and spectacular Pinterest account here, their Instagram account is here, and this is their store to bring some of these unique home decor items home!

A discussion about unique home decor items is incomplete without mentioning Pipa Fine Art, because no wall is complete without a complimentary piece of art.

Melissa is the creative source for these amazing pieces and is passionate about making art revolving around nature such as sunsets, sunrise, wildlife, and other natural beauty.

She and her team work with modern digital equipment and produce art that ranges from traditional Wall art to limited edition signed pieces.

Pipa Fine Art is present on Pinterest with nearly 13k followers while receiving 1.6 million monthly views.

You can reach out to them on Instagram here, Pinterest here, and place orders on their website here.

5. The Rusted Roan: Sierra Tinker

The fifth Pinterest account on our list of 10 Pinterest accounts to follow if you want unique home decor items is “The Rusted Roan”.

Sierra Tinker, a/k/a The Rusted Roan, has 4k followers while receiving 234k views every month.

She's known for her Cowhide Furniture upholstery.

You can check out her Pinterest account if you're interested in home decorations, furnishing and painted furniture, particularly is you have a Western furniture vibe.

She actively engages her followers with DIY posts and tutorials on her Pinterest account.

Also, several blog posts are published on her website about painting furniture, the tools and techniques she uses, as well as refurbishing old and damaged furniture.

She does all of her work by hand, without involving machinery, so her work is also what we consider, sustainable.

Check out her Pinterest account here, her Instagram here, and this is her website where she shares her experiences and sells her handicrafts.

6. Delta Girl Frames | Handcrafted Frames & Home Decor

Delta Girl Frames features unique picture frames by Alexis

She makes and sells stylish wooden, handcrafted and hand-painted frames that become works of art!

Her designs are aesthetic, elegant and eco-friendly. We love that she's an independent artist creating one gorgeous frame at a time without machinery.

Check out her work on Instagram here, on Pinterest here, and here is her website, should you find you can't resist one of her beautiful creations.

Scarllett makes charming handcrafted products. She takes her time in creating interesting garlands, curtain ties, and plant hangers, etc. with distinct designs and colors.

She’s present on Pinterest with a still "smallish" account, but we've included it in our list of 10 Pinterest accounts for unique home decor items because she seems to have mastered the feel of "neutral" while still keeping things interesting.

Garlands tend be be thought of more as a decorative Holiday item, but Scarllett's designs lend themselves to year round decorating.

Why have a "naked" door in the off season when one of Scarllett's husk designs would dress things up?

These elegant garlands, curtain ties, and plant hangers are perfect to fill in those finishing touches with just the right accessories.

Besides, they’re made by hand so each item is unlike any other and has required much work and focus.

Through your support and appreciation, these traditional ways of making handicrafts will live on.

You can join her Instagram family here, her Pinterest here, and place orders here.

Never heard of fractal art? It’s also called computer-generated art. When a complex mathematical sequence is combined with a visual design, it produces geometric patterns. Or when simple patterns repeat themselves over and over again and make a complex structure with diverse colors. It’s called fractal art.

Well, it’s interesting when Matthias makes it.

A colorful Fractal art piece transforms a dull wall into a focal point where art meets science.

In addition to fractal art, Matthias creates fine art prints and unique acrylic pour paintings for both home and office.

If you're looking for artwork that's anything but ordinary or expected, consider fractal art. We've included this account for its unique beauty and creativity.

Matthias’s Pinterest profile is viewed by nearly 3 million users monthly.

You can join his Pinterest family here, Instagram here, and buy his art pieces here.

If you’re looking for ideas and unique home decor items to improve your home’s interior design, you may want to visit Jen Stanbrook’s Pinterest profile.

She knows how to heat up your house with style, set up your bedroom, and keep your garden lush as demonstrated through her thousands of posts, boards, and pins.

Jen passionately writes on interiors and publishes blog posts to her website providing valuable insights to her followers.

Currently, she has 1 million followers with over 3 million monthly views on Pinterest.

Here you can connect with her on Pinterest, join her on Instagram, and learn from her website.

The Lolly Jane Pinterest account is run by two identical twin sisters, Kelli and Kristi.

These two energetic sisters share unique DIY ideas for home decorations. Their ideas are easy and can be replicated by people who want to improve the way their house looks.

The twins own a website where they explain and teach the readers step-by-step processes of how to make a particular decorative piece.

Additionally, they've maintained a strong presence on Instagram. If you're curious what these two twins are up to, check them out here.

Someone who wants to add some small unique home decor items to their room can check out their Pinterest account here.

In summary, many people are wanting something more unique, more handcrafted and more in line with processes and ideas that are sustainable, yet beautiful to decorate their homes with.

Now, it’s easy than ever to find find inspiring decorating ideas in line with these ideals, especially on Pinterest.

We hope you took the time to check out some of our recommended Pinterest accounts if you're wanting unique home decor items.

You could easily support the big box stores, but why? Think about sourcing one of a kind, hand crafted home decor items that not only support independent artists, but also align with the ideal of sustainability.