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handcrafted necklace Fairtrade outfit
14 Unique Hand-Crafted Necklaces That Bring Any Outfit to Life

Necklaces complete your look and complement your outfit. Some work best with...

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Show Your Love With Hand Crafted Gifts This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day comes closer, people start to ponder on questions like what will...

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9 Hand Crafted Bracelets That Completely Transform Your Outfit

Handcrafted jewelry has been around for several thousands of years now. The earliest records...

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The 15 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fair Trade Fashion Inspiration

Awareness is spreading among people regarding Fairtrade and ethical fashion. With dozens of organizations,...

Beautiful Hand Crafted Rings Fairtrade products
11 Beautiful Hand-Crafted Rings And The Stories Behind Them

Jewelry, and rings in particular, have existed for thousands of years now. many pieces...

wonderful handcrafted items for pets | fair trade blankets for pets | Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
8 Wonderful Handcrafted items for Your Pets

Today, pets are not only adored, but have become the focus of big business....

10 basic principles of Fairtrade
What Are the Basic Principles of Fair Trade?

Fair trade is all about fairness and justice. Its impact is to raise awareness...

Environmental Activist | Climate Change Protest
What Does Ethical Fashion Mean?

The term “Ethical Fashion” is not easy to explain or even define....

Artisan Candles | Handmade Candles
The 10 Best Hand Painted Candles Online Today

The essentials of the modern house have changed. The must-have items are...

Child playing with wooden toys
16 Beautiful Hand-Crafted Toys for Toddlers

Children are happiest with toys they love. To adults, those toys can...

room with unique handcrafted home decoration items
10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow If You Want Unique Home Decor Items

Home is, oftentimes, our favorite place. No matter our age, home is...

woman wearing handmade handcrafted colorful scarf
7 Hand Crafted Scarves that Make the Perfect Gift for Her

Handcrafted scarves are in fashion. Today, scarves are considered one of the...